Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Lately: Week 6

Oops. Where did week 5 go? ;)

I think I had two weeks blending into one. Does that happen to you? I have knowledge of specific things happening on specific days, but I've lost track of whether they were this past week or the one before...and it's not like we've been so ridiculously busy, either. Time has just sort of blurred, and I'm not really sure where the last two weeks went!

Anyway. Week 6; we're

Needing: time to slow down! I'm coming up on 33 weeks this Wednesday, and that means I'll only have 5 left until baby is here. I'm not quite ready! I've been having fun making some baby clothes, but nothing that's needed right NOW...of course. I do have patterns readied for baby gowns so I think that'll be this weeks project - gowns and footie pjs. That's all baby will wear for the first couple of months, anyway!

Above I have a picture of a little pair of booties and a wooden toy/teething bracelet I bought at a local-ish craft sale some time ago. Below is my latest work (Pumpkin & Bunny Primrose pinafore and Bluebell dress set, 12m) and an outfit (Little Kiwi's Closet Poppet Peplum and Halla leggings) I made many months ago and lent to my sister for her baby girl; it's now coming back to me so I can use it for my own and I'm so excited! <3

Cooking: as little as possible. Haha. If I were a more organized person I'd be putting together freezer meals in anticipation of this birth and the weeks after. I am not a more organized person. ;) The husband can do a very little bit of cooking, and with him and the crockpot I think we've muddled through before. That and good friends who are always kind enough to drop off meals afterward!

Hitting: a wall! Motivationally speaking. I should be nesting and prepping all the things, right? I'm just...not. Last night I sewed up a skirt and sweater that won't really work for me til post baby, so that was helpful. I have a few diaper covers left waiting to be put together, and I'm just staring at them! They won't sew and snap themselves...not to mention the inserts I'm supposed to have going as well. Maybe the magical procrastination elves will show up one of these days...

Little Kiwi's Closet Suave Skirt and a modified Everything Your Mama Made and More! Boxy Boyfriend Tee. I added sleeves from the 5 out of 4 Weekender Tunic; still undecided on if/how to finish the hems and neckline. I might leave them to roll for an "edgy" look - also widened the existing scoop neck on the pattern so it would sit just a little off shoulder. Due to Giant Baby Bump, however, it does not currently "slouch" very well at all. ;) 

How's your week been? Sunday Lately is a weekly meetup (link up here) by the Blogger Tribe. Next week's themes are Conspiring, Practicing, Gazing!


  1. The pinafore and dress set are adorable! I also feel like the weeks sneak by before I'm done with them, but it looks like you've been quite productive, even if time is flying by.

    1. I suppose I can look at what I've accomplished and see that SOMETHING has happened; but it does feel like so many days fly and I can't think of what I've done! Thank you :)

  2. The whole beginning of this year feels like it's blending together! Those outfits are absolutely adorable, though, so you've got something going!

    1. That is true. Where did January go?? :P Thank you! At least she'll have a few things to wear when she's bigger, we can get by with store onesies. Haha!