Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Lately: Week 4

Weeks 2 and 3 ran right by me! Every week I would think of it, and then before I knew it Sunday was mostly here I am back with week 4, hopefully I'll do better in February! ;)

Sharing: my baby-stuff sewing obsession. Obviously I've been working on clothes and diapers for my own baby, but I'm also sewing baby gifts for friends and family and having so much fun doing it! I love sending a handmade outfit or accessory set; welcoming a new life with something I made with love is the best way I know how. I love these Apple Tree rompers - I don't know if they will actually work from 3 months all the way to 12 months (I guess that depends on the baby!) but they sure will fit for a while, and the ruched sides created by the hidden drawstrings are so cute for little baby bellies. Also loving these bunnies on the Twig + Tale vest and bonnet - and of course I had to add the bunny ears! I need to make a bunch of bonnets for my baby - maybe I'll finally have one that will wear them!

Here I have half drawn up, snaps smallest setting, cuff rolled up, and half pulled out full length, with the cuff unrolled and snaps on highest setting.

Thinking: of all the things I have left to do before March! Baby on the brain today...c-section was scheduled for the 20th (#5!!) and I'm nervous and excited and nervous and anxious and...
Distracting myself with sewing, mostly, but planning on cloth diapering this one is adding another layer of "what do I NEED" that I haven't had to think about before! So many lists to make, so little time.

Redoing: my Ames jeans (Cashmerette). Not really a redo since I will still wear my "muslin" pair, but they are a little bit big and since my next pair will be made with even stretchier denim, I'm thinking to go down a whole size! They do stretch out so fast - I like to wear my denim a few times before washing to keep it lasting longer, but by the 3rd time or so they are really feeling saggy. Hopefully my Cone Mills "S-Gene" will hold up better though. I've heard good things.

Jeans selfies are always fun. No one ever told me that sewing your own clothes involved all this awkward picture taking. LOL. Selfie stick, anyone?? Tops are slightly easier, though fitting this baby into the mirror is getting harder all the time. I both can and can't believe I have a whole 8 weeks to go (and that'll be two weeks early, even!)

See you next week (I hope!!)

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  1. Wow, such lovely baby clothes! That is absolutely a wonderful way to welcome newborns into this world. And good luck with having your own baby, too!