Friday, November 9, 2018

Boys in Pajamas: Cozy Kid Coveralls

Back again with Mister 3 to showcase a new-to-us Peekaboo Pattern Shop pattern, the Cozy Kid Coveralls!

 (The pattern was provided to me free of charge for the post, as part of this tour.)

This tour is hosted by Made for Little Gents, and sponsored by Peekaboo Pattern Shop. At the end of the post, you'll see a giveaway to enter for a $20 shop credit to Peekaboo Pattern Shop!

Boys in Pajamas: Blog Tour sponsored by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, Hosted by Made for Little Gents

I've sewn up several of Peekaboo's pj patterns and really liked them, so I wanted to try something I hadn't made yet. The Alex & Anna pjs (winter and summer) are staples around here! I enjoyed making several of the Classic Zipper Pjs a few years back for a new baby, so when I saw the Cozy Kid Coveralls I really wanted to try the snap option instead (and I'll be making a few more, with a hood, for day wear!)

I ordered this fun school bus fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics in a cotton spandex jersey, originally thinking I'd use it for my youngest, but when this guy saw it he HAD to have it. Oh well, I think maybe the 2 year old doesn't really care what I put on him...

We had fun finding his Fisher Price school bus and picking out a "bedtime story" for his pictures (in the middle of the day). He likes "modeling" for me because it usually involves candy bribery of some type! ;)

I love several features of this pattern. The raglan sleeves (they are cut on the fold, just a note); the snap placket that is so easy to construct and easy for kids to dress themselves; the gusset that allows for ease of movement and comfortable wear; the versatility! I picked up some French terry for a heavier daytime outfit, and it can also be made with fleece and sized up for an outside coverall in cold weather.

Did I mention the feet? My kids love footie pajamas (he has two older sisters who made me bring them to pick out fleece for their own after they saw these!) and I have a stash of non slip fabric just for that reason. I lined them with the same denim blue cotton spandex as the toes, cuffs, and collar, for comfort.

Isn't he cute? I've never seen a kid so happy for new pajamas!

We're all sewing up Peek-a-boo Pattern's pajamas, and there are sew many to choose from! See some new ideas every day by following along with the tour below: 
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 Ready for the giveaway to Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop? Here you go! Good luck! 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sew Thankful Tour

It's November, and it certainly feels like it! Snow has already fallen (and is again, now, as I'm writing this) and it's suddenly ridiculously cold. I wasn't ready!

But I kind of was. I've been bitten by the sweater bug, and in the past month-ish I've made myself three new ones. Sweaters are so fun to sew! And wearing them is one of my favorite things (maybe one of the only things I like, actually,) about cold weather. There's nothing like a cozy sweater on a chilly day to brighten your mood as much as it warms your body.

I am one of those people who is perfectly happy to let Christmas start as early in November as it likes, but I love this tour for the reminder to stop and remember that other major holiday I celebrate, Thanksgiving! Of course, I am aware of all the things I have to be thankful for throughout the year, but I appreciate one day set aside to really think about them. Now I am thinking about them early (never a bad thing)! Big or small, they all matter - I'll only mention a few here. ;)

One: I am thankful for a family. This little guy is my 3rd of 4, and he's such a joy. I sewed him up a couple of Alderwood pullovers, and he was just so pleased with them! Every time I get fabric he is poring over it with me and telling me all sorts of things I can make him.
He tells me often I'm his "fwavewit". He's (one of) mine. ;)

This pattern is by Phat Quarters. The fabrics: motorcycles from Girl Charlee; distressed jersey from Fab Clique Fabric Shoppe; scales from So Sew English.

And along with him, my two beautiful girls, and my naughtiest-in-the-world toddler boy, we're expecting #5 next spring (a tie breaker!) Another blessing to be thankful for!

Sewing maternity clothes is something of a novelty for me. Before this I had the same Target maternity clothes through a few kids, and after Landon was born I got rid of them, because I was sick of looking at them. Add in a ready-to-wear fast, and suddenly I had to sew my own just to have something to wear!

I particularly love this Jemma pattern from Sinclair Patterns. It's tunic length, which means tunic now, top later (ha!). The asymmetrical collar is a beautiful detail, and I loved picking out the gold buttons from Grandma's button tin to accent the gorgeous burgundy color. (PS - no button holes! They're just decorative!) And need I mention the pockets? They're huge, and so perfect and cozy for cold hands (and a cell phone, or almost anything really.)

The fabric is a soft, drapey (I never know if that's a word, but we'll go with it) baby French terry from Simply by Ti. And in my favorite color! I love anything red, and darker tones of it look better on me than fire engine brights. I used a burgundy double-brushed polyester for the collar and as it's just a tiny bit darker, it pops just a little bit.

Two, and three: I am thankful for sewing, and a patient husband. He tolerates every fabric purchase, every frantic question about does this go, or is this pattern going to work, even if he has no idea - he answers anyway. He's as supportive as possible, and for something he doesn't understand! Sewing is mine. I am a mother, and a wife, and a homemaker (after a fashion), and all of these things involve so much doing for others. Sewing is something I can do for me, because I love to, and it's mine alone. It's connected me to people I am thankful to know, and taught me patience and perseverance.

What are you thankful for?

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