Thursday, October 25, 2018

Winter Wear (Designs) Outerwear!

A chill is in the air and the leaves are falling - time for layers and fun accents on jackets and sweatshirts, because who says our indoor wear should have all the bling?

I recently got a Silhouette Cameo 3 and had to add some vinyl to this Fashionista Jean Jacket - not that the jacket needed any punching up! All those pieces make for a very interesting garment. While it takes some time and care to assemble, it's 100% worth it in the end - look at those shoulder pieces! The pieced back! It's a beautiful addition to the girls' fall wardrobe, and it's something they can wear every day.

Side welt pockets are big enough for hands and small treasures, and are super easy to construct - I almost left them off, thinking "I don't have time for welt pockets!" But then I read over the pattern (ALWAYS do that!!) and realized they would take no time at all. So glad I didn't skip them! Every bit of detail that goes into this jacket is well worth the effort.

 We've had some beautiful 60ish fall days, and a lightweight jacket is perfect for the late afternoons when the sun starts disappearing (or mornings - getting on the bus always requires a jacket or sweatshirt, though it's long gone by the time they come home!)

I made this Fashionista from a decor weight fabric from Walmart! Can you believe it? I would never have looked at it, except my girls liked the color, and when I picked it up I realized it had a great weight and similar mechanical stretch to a jacket weight denim, which would have been my choice otherwise. I opted to add snaps so they can get this on and off easier themselves, and because I didn't have that many fun purple buttons!

Designing and adding that vinyl was so fun, and instantly got the girls fighting over who was going to wear it first! Sammy won, since she's a more patient model - haha! The sleeves are long on her, which means they'll be perfect on her older sister, and they work perfectly rolled up a little too.

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  1. That is so cute! <3 Great job with a beautiful jacket!

    1. Thank you! I love when I can make something they'll actually fight to wear! ;)