Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sew Americana: Day 3

It's Sew Americana time again, hosted by Katy at Wild + Wanderful! Last year I sewed up matching outfits for my boys - they still wear them! - but this year Katy from Sly Fox Fabrics offered fabric from their Sew Americana collection, and I couldn't pass up the chance to pick out a fabric for myself!

I recently picked up the Tabor V Neck (Sew House Seven) and sewed myself the curved hem version with an overlapped neck binding. I think the overlap gives it a slightly more casual feel than a mitered neckband, as well as the cuffed sleeves. I lengthened it by a few inches; long tops are a personal preference. Sly Fox has a beautiful triblend jersey, and I'm in love with this "Tabasco". Red is my favorite, favorite color (perfect for this time of year!!) and I have a weird recent love for orange/rust tones - this color is the best of both worlds.

The shorts are the Tess Tulip Shorts by Bella Sunshine Designs. I just have to point out something here. I have not worn a pair of shorts in YEARS. Not even when I lived in Phoenix. I don't know what happened, but when I started thinking of what to sew, I suddenly had to make myself a pair of shorts! And - I love them. I'm still working on "the perfect fit", but these are darn good, and I have actually worn them - on purpose - in public twice now! So yay me! And yay Melissa from BSD, because you accomplished the impossible and now I won't be spending another whole summer in jeans. Thank you!

I'm really loving having such great summer clothes in my wardrobe. The fact that I make them myself is such a bonus! What's your favorite thing to sew for summer? I am not stopping at one pair of shorts! I got this star print stretch twill from Denver Fabrics, and I've made SO much with the 4 yards I started with. I'm only sorry it was a clearance fabric and I may not be able to find it again!

There's so much Americana inspiration celebrating our red, white, and blue with handmade beauties - links below! Don't miss a stop on the tour!


  1. As a teen I hated wearing red and now I love it. I definitely add more red all the time...and pink too really. This set looks great together.


    1. Funny! I’ve always liked red, but I used to hate pink! And now I love it, but never wear it. Go figure. Thank you!

  2. I love that fabric color as well. It looks like a very muted red.

  3. Your outfit is really pretty, and yay for a great shorts pattern! I have the blue triblend, but I’m regretting not getting the Tabasco color too. I guess I’ll have to orders some more fabric! ❤️💙

  4. I've been wanting to try a tri-blend tee. The shorts look great!