Monday, May 7, 2018

Boys in Summer Blog Tour

Summer! It's finally here - well, nearly. The weather is warming up, and when that happens we're never so happy to have a backyard, ample sidewalk space for chalking, and wheeled toys to zoom around with! Summer for us means lots of playtime - and the more outside, the better! My little guys would live outside if I let them, and the dirtier they get, the happier they are.

This is a Sewing Blue blog tour, hosted by Made for Little Gents. I'm Meriel, and you're visiting Elli & Nels. Today I'm showing you a classic summer outfit for my "big boy" (all of three years old!)

Boys in Summer Blog Tour: Part of the Sewing Blue Blog Tour series hosted by Made for Little Gents

A small confession - the shorts aren't new, technically. They are actually my first pair of shorts from testing the Kayak Boardshorts (Love Notions Patterns). They turned out so well and fit him perfectly, but I hadn't shared them along with my finals. When I started thinking about summer clothes for this tour, I realized that I had the perfect bottoms - so I put together a cute top to go with!

The shorts have a nautical theme in the contrast fabric, so I played off of that and went with a casual denim/Americana feel for the top. I had a black jegging fabric I got from a friend, which I'd previously used for - well, jeggings! - for my daughter. The remnant was just enough for this adorable Hooded Vest (Brindille & Twig). The hood and pocket lining are cotton spandex from Girl Charlee (a 1/4-yd remnant pack purchased last year!)

I really liked the vest listing photos with a brightly colored snap used, and was very tempted to do yellow, but it really didn't go with the rest! I settled for white - I like how they look against the black fabric. I flipped the pocket flap to show the contrast for a tiny pop - the hood lining really isn't visible while it's up. I am a sucker for hooded vests, especially with drawstrings - and with our windy Wyoming weather, a hood is always an asset! Even on the warmest days, your ears start to beg for a covering after a while.

On chilly evenings, the vest can easily be layered - during the warm daylight hours, wearing it alone is perfect. I love the classic, easy style of the vest and shorts, both with their own stand-out details - and when there's chalk involved, easy wash and wear is where it's at! He was out for no more than 5 seconds and managed to smear the entire front of his top with chalk dust. Not the neatest model, but one of my more patient ones!

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  1. Aww I love how it turned out! Hoods are the best. My oldest would wear them every day if he could.

  2. Thanks! This guy used to hate them, but he’s really become a fan. I just love how they look!

  3. I love it. I also tested the Kayak shorts. I really love the vest as well.

  4. I love these shorts too! I really like how you added the contrasting fabric to the pocket flap and the inside of the hoodie. It is a great little kick of color!

    1. Thank you Gemia :D Black denim is so classic but I do love a pop of color on kids!

  5. That hoodie is great! I love the pocket detail!

  6. What a cool set!! He looks awesome!

  7. Those are so cool! 😊 I've only used the hooded vest for layering in the winter... I love it as a summer top!

  8. Such a great looking nautical outfit with some awesome detailing. Well done.

  9. I love the hood lining! Super cute, friend!

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