Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Wolf & the Tree: Comfy Winter Boutique Tour

Hi! I'm showing off my "comfy winter boutique" look with patterns from The Wolf & the Tree and a super soft sweater knit from a Sincerely Rylee mystery box! The mystery boxes don't come often and don't last long so I was glad I got one when I did; this sweater knit has beautiful drape, is perfectly stretchy and comfortable, and not itchy anywhere!

Saskia Smith of The Wolf & the Tree provided bloggers with patterns for her tour, and I was really excited to try out some new ones! I made Abby's Road Trip Tunic and Abby's Knockout Socks. I love that the patterns are so simple and quick to sew - seriously, the socks took me about ten minutes (not including the flower accent, but I kind of fudged that myself and hand stitched it!) The tunic is lined, with a lot of options for different "skirts". Initially I had two satin layers underneath, but the satin was too heavy and it looked clunky. I removed the longer one (and added leggings - it was cold out today!) and I love the result!

Abby's Road Trip Tunic is made from Sincerely Rylee sweater knit, with silver double brushed poly for the lining, and a satin accent skirt. I hand stitched the hem on the sweater knit, and rolled the sleeves.

Abby's Knockout Socks are made with the simplest option, just basic tube socks. There are optional heel and top toe seam options (plus a ton of decorative options - flowers, ruching, even a cape!) These are the same Sincerely Rylee sweater knit as the tunic, with DBP cuffs (no elastic!) and satin flowers. Even with the flowers stitched on top they stay up beautifully!

I constructed everything with the serger (using my sewing machine for the satin hem, and handstitching the sweater hem and the satin flowers.) There is a French seam option on the socks as well, for sensitive feet (or sheer fabrics!)

These two patterns, along with the rest of The Wolf & the Tree store, are on sale for $5 as long as the tour continues! A great price to stock up on some beautiful boutique patterns for last minute Christmas sewing, or the rest of the winter for that matter - the socks are such a great use for small scraps, and take hardly any time!

Follow the rest of the tour for more boutique inspiration!

12/6: The Sewing Scientist  Elli and Nels in Stitches <-- that's me!


  1. The whole outfit is absolutely adorable! I really like the sweater knot with the satin.

    1. Thank you Jennie! I know, the satin was too heavy for two layers so I'm really glad one worked out, I love the look!

  2. I love the satin flowers! Sweet touch!