Saturday, October 28, 2017

Time to Dress Up! with the Dress Up Hoodie by Mouse House Creations

I've got a really fun one today! Hayley from Mouse House Creations just released the Dress Up Hoodie, a quick raglan style hoodie. (I finished the Mickey Mouse one, cutting to final stitching, in about an hour with my serger. I had to squeeze in another before ALL my daylight left!) With sizes from 6 months up to 12 years, it can be used a long time, and with the included options (plus your imagination), you never have to make the same thing twice (unless you want to!)

In the pattern are pieces and instructions for: 


That list gives you an awesome range of ideas for costumes, dress up, or just a cute hoodie! Off the top of my head, I can imagine expanding to reindeer, zebras, a Pegasus, dragons...not to mention the fact that you can just leave off all of the extras, and you have a very quick hooded raglan style top, which is perfect for fall.

This kid hates hoods - anything on his head. But he keeps this one on! He just loves the ears, and running back and forth pretending he's flying. We had a lot of fun taking a few pictures (the promise of Smarties candy helped ;) ) and he kept his hood on the whole time. I love the scuba style hood because it stays on and seems to be a little cozier, but unlike a different one I've tried, this one still fits loosely enough that he doesn't feel smothered in it.

I used a black French terry from a recent Pretty Posh Prints preorder, as well as yellow interlock from my stash and black cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress for the logo. I've never appliqued knit-on-knit before, but with a little Wonder Under it went on very smoothly, and I only had to do a straight stitch since knit won't fray! That made the points and curves on that bat a lot simpler. ;) 

The Dress Up Hoodie has options for solid sleeves (which I used for Mickey) and split sleeves, if you're using a cape option (like the birds, butterflies, and bats.) There is also a split hood option - if you're not adding ears or antlers, you can use the lining for both the outer and inner layers, but the split is a simple dart that lets you place ears on either side of the head. There is also a split back option for scales/spikes down the back.

And here's Mickey! Last year we bought Ethan a singing Mickey toy, which he was afraid of, so it was mostly ignored until recently. He's decided now that it's his favorite, so I had to use the mouse ears in the pattern and make him a quick Mickey Mouse shirt, too. I used cotton lycra in black, red, and white (all from Purple Seamstress.) I debated changing the cuffs to thumbhole cuffs, but he wouldn't use them anyway - I think they'd make great Mickey Mouse hands that way, though! Maybe when he's a little older.

Once again I used the split hood, and I added a little batting (and felt) in the ears to make them puff up a bit. Then I split the bodice horizontally (right on the join where I taped the pattern pieces together - I think it just happened to land on the perfect spot) and added seam allowance back on. I colorblocked the bodice and used a red waistband. The hood lining is a cute Mickey Mouse print (I think it's custom, but I honestly don't know where from because I bought it in a scrap pack!) - I had JUST enough to squeeze the hood shape out of it - couldn't have planned it better!

He's very pleased - kept grabbing the ears all night and yelling "Looka mee! Mickey Noush!"

I made him a 3T both times, and the French terry has more drape so it works better as an outerwear layer. The C/L is clingier, and he wore it by itself as a shirt. The only thing I have left to fix is the lack of detail - my fault! I wanted to put buttons on the red part to mimic Mickey's clothing, and can't find two big white buttons the same! (Go figure.)

We'll definitely get a lot of use out of this pattern. I like functional clothing over occasional-use costumes, and the design of this hoodie is perfect for that. Thanks, Hayley!

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