Thursday, May 11, 2017

Petite Stitchery & Co - Poppy Pleated Skirt

It feels like I've been away forever! With kids in school and clingy baby, my sewing time is curtailed and blogging time even more so! But I still make time for those projects I just can't walk away from - and sewing the Poppy Pleated Skirt was one of those! Petite Stitchery & Co has some adorable collections - Poppy is from Spring '17 - and all it took was a couple of tester photos before I knew what I wanted to sew. Browsing around Joann Fabrics got me this gorgeous floral print, and it was even on sale! I got a size 7 (short, plain hem) out of 1 yard.

Initially I thought of pairing Poppy up with a more fitted, tailored-looking blouse. (I have one cut out, but they take longer to, one of these days!) But since the sewalong is going on this week with Sapphire (from the first collection, a great layering top!), a more casual look popped into my head. And - ta-da! - I just happened to have a half yard of striped jersey knit in my stash (I think it came from Hobby Lobby, but don't hold me to that).

I lined the top with a thinner white cotton/Lycra - using the "burrito method" to keep all the seams enclosed, and I hand stitched the bottom so the top is actually completely reversible. No hem stitching to be seen!

...recognize the top? No? Well - it's from the Lily pattern! A very camouflaged Lily. ;) I used the bodice, lengthened just a bit, and drew in a hi-low curve for a simple crop top! I scooped the armscye just a bit more since I wasn't putting in sleeves.

Poppy has an elastic option as well as a zipper - I went with the invisible zipper, since this was only my second time installing one and I need to get better at that! It didn't come out perfect, but darn close - I'm pretty proud of that zipper. Here's an in-process photo, with my basting stitches from the pleats still in - I hand stitched the inside of the waistband as well, so the outside would look neater.

With the zipper option, I suggest sizing up if your child is between (waist) sizes. My older daughter and younger daughter (today's model) wear the same clothing size most of the time, but Miss 6 measures just a half inch or so bigger at the waist. The skirt fits her just so and I can tell it won't make it through the summer on her, so when I make her skirt I'll use the next size - or elastic! On Miss 4 here, it fits beautifully pulled up for a high-waisted look, and since she still has a "toddler belly" it fits lower on the waist as well - really emphasizes the crop top there!

She is so cute. All the posing, by the way, is her. I direct a hand placement here or there, but she is a natural - and she cracks me up! Little diva in her sister's shoes - she was SO happy to model for me, and she loves the twirl that the box pleats give Poppy! 

I love pleating over gathering for the polished look, and I think it's a lot easier to get neat pleats! The pattern has clear instructions if you're like me and forget how to start them. ;) Sizes 2-12 means you can use Poppy for a long time, and three lengths gives you even more versatility! This is the "short" length, which will fall just above or at the knee. There's also "midi" (SO cool looking with a slouchy top) and "maxi", plus a banded option if you want more pop than a plain hem! (There's a Baby Poppy, too, if you need smaller than a 2T, or a bundle if you want all the sizes!)

If you want more gorgeous pictures and inspiration, make sure you join Petite Stitchery's Facebook group and follow their page! You can catch the last few days of the Poppy/Sapphire sewalong, too!

*I received Poppy free, so that I could sew it up and write this post expressing my opinions on the pattern. And we really do like it this much! ;) 


  1. She certainly is a little diva! Love the mix of fabrics you used on your outfit!

  2. That outfit is adorable! Give her a big hug from me 💓💓💓