Friday, February 3, 2017

First Stocking!

Hey guys!

As you may know (or maybe you didn't! - don't worry, there'll be others!) I recently had a giveaway, and I have one sweet little Valentine's Day dress left from that (with a matching headband!) I was secretly glad it didn't go anywhere, because - shh - it's my favorite! But...I'm offering it up now for sale, because I had a few minutes here and there this past week to get a couple more outfits together to accompany it!

These are one-of-a-kind (I won't make another outfit just like it, though I may use the patterns/fabric in other ways!) Making the same thing in the same fabrics over and over is kind of boring, and I love coming up with different pattern and fabric combos to create new looks for your favorite doll friend!


Girl's Night Out! A stunning black and gold combination. A scallop-trimmed crop top is perfectly paired with a high-waist skirt, and in case it gets chilly (it is February, after all!) there's a silky soft knit cardigan to accompany the look, with just a hint of gold thread running through it.

Beach Perfect! Hi-low skirts are so fashionable, and this one made in a soft textured chiffon from Girl Charlee is no exception. The underskirt is cotton, adding a ladylike opaque layer, but the chiffon falls lower and can brush against her legs in the ocean breeze. Perfect for spring break! Back skirt is maxi length, front skirt falls barely to the knees. Along with it is a Velcro-back tank top, with a gently swooping boatneck silhouette from the straps. Art Gallery cottons were used for the top, and they are soft and crisp! Spring is calling! **The skirt pictured at the bottom of this post is closer to the actual color - a soft peach, rather than pale pink. It coordinates perfectly with the flowers on this print.**

And of course, Be My Valentine - featuring a beautiful Moda print and a delicate pindot coordinate. Comes with matching bow attached to fold-over elastic for easy wear. 

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