Friday, November 11, 2016

One Thimble Issue 13: Sofilantjes' Orbis Skinny Harems and Cut Sew Love Appliques

SEW excited to be back! The amount of sewing I've got done the past couple of months has been pathetically low, but then that happens when you're busy having a baby! ;)

I still wanted to join the One Thimble tour, though, and we can all thank my little boy for being a sweet enough baby to sleep a few hours here and there to give his mom time to sew up a pair of the Orbis Skinny Harems from Sofilantjes, and a couple of the adorable applique designs from Cut Sew Love!

These pants really made me wish I had a coverstitch for the fun way the pocket wraps all the way around - such a great way to show off some fun detail stitching! I made do with a pop of contrast thread. Also, the faux fly is a wonderful place to show off bright snaps or unique buttons! I chose my snaps after I'd done the appliques, basing my choices off the colors in the fabrics I pulled.

I left the drawstring off the waistband and opted for a simple elastic-only band. These pants are amazingly quick, and not being a huge harem pants fan, I love how slim they are and how they work with different knit fabrics. This particular fabric was something I found at Walmart (surprisingly nice and thick, decent to work with!) of unknown fiber content, and it has a good bit of stretch so I was able to use the same fabric for the pocket bindings, waistband, and cuffs.

My next pair need to have that drawstring (grommets!!) and some fun buttons!

The pattern is clear (like all Sofilantjes' patterns) and well thought out, and the pocket construction/application is truely something unique - I've never seen one like it. The pants come in sizes 12m-14y, so a huge size range, and two lengths - Natalie has long length, as our cold weather is setting in, and there's a 3/4 (capri) length as well. You'll need a knit with at least 30% stretch - I think I might have to try a little pair in a cozy French terry for my older son next! I love unisex patterns, with both boys and girls to sew for.

One more feature of the Orbis pattern that I was happy to see - a pictorial tutorial! (haha!) At the end of the written out instructions is a simpler "quick sew" option with only illustrations for each step, so that once you've gone through the pattern once you can print off that simple part for quick reference and sew even more Orbis', even faster!

I've done quite a bit of applique in the past, and I love that the patterns for these adorable food shapes include cute little faces and details. I kept things simple, and while the watermelon slice was small enough as is, I printed the donut at 80% to make sure it was small enough to work as a knee patch. Then I chose fabrics with small prints on them to make the details for me.

I'm loving the other applique options (milkshake, and the watermelon was borrowed from a fruit kebab that includes a strawberry and kiwi slice). The pattern has great instructions, explaining the process of applying and stitching down the appliques, and placement markings for button eyes and hand stitched details (though some quick free motion stitching would work as well!) Natalie's favorite fruit is watermelon so we just went with the one for the pants.

I finished off her look with a fabric-painted tee (I made a bunch of plain tees a while back and snagged one for this outfit) - "donut bug me"! (Get it??) The shoes are from WalMart - guess what her favorite color is?

Get your copy of One Thimble Issue 13 today, and enjoy these two wonderful patterns as well as 8(!) more, and a ton of articles (as always) to make your sewing experience even more amazing! To see more, follow the tour - schedule below! So many beautiful patterns and talented sewists.


  1. What a clever idea to use the appliques on the pants!

    1. Thanks Jen! They are a fun addition to anything, applique is great!

  2. Those pants look awesome. Glad to have you back.

    1. Thank you Anne :D Lovely pattern as always! She calls them her "cool candy pants", lol.