Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Refashion Month with House of Estrela

Every year, Magda from House of Estrela hosts a refashion month, and this year I took the opportunity to jump in.

One of my favorite things about sewing is being able to save money. Now I know that 90% of the time, I'm not saving money by sewing clothes! Fabric costs are higher, the time you put in, all the accessories and notions needed (or wanted) for the desired effect...but once in a while, you can save some money, and the best way to do that is by refashioning and making over thrifted items.

I, like many people, have fluctuated clothing sizes over the years. Whenever I have an item of clothing that is suddenly too large (or too small), it goes into a bin to be reused (provided it's still in good condition)! Old t-shirts of my husband's, jeans that I've torn too many holes in - nothing is wasted, if I can see a garment hiding in it.

Not even the khakis my husband wore for our wedding! As you can see, they were once nice dress pants. A few years down the road, and they no longer fit him - but the legs, when cut off, made the perfect amount of fabric for a little pair of cargo shorts for our baby son! (I'm sure I had fabric left over from those, as well!)

Pattern: Noisy Dirt Cargo Shorts by Koda Baby
Fabric: Refashioned wedding pants!

Thrift store and clearance sheets are another great way to get a lot of clothing out of a little bit of money. I love to get my hands on discounted sheet sets from Target. The cotton/poly blend is soft and comfortable, and though I don't like to sleep on poly blends, I'll wear them as shirts! My kids as well - can you tell these cute little play dresses were once twin-XL sheets?

Pattern: Dress No 15 by E+M Patterns
Fabric: Refashioned Target sheet set

This grey dolman is still one of my favorite shirts, two years later. It's not a maternity pattern, but it's one of the few items of clothing I have that fits me well through an entire pregnancy! 

Pattern: Delilah by Golden Rippy
Fabric: Refashioned thrift store sheet

A t-shirt that I found on a Wal-Mart clearance rack and decided I didn't like the color on myself became a t-shirt for my daughter. Turning shirts into shirts is the easiest refashioning I've done. The sleeves of an adult t-shirt are usually the perfect size to cut a kid's shirt sleeves out of, and you can retain the existing hem - less work for you!

Pattern: Deep Sea V Neck by Patterns for Pirates
Fabric: Oversized Wal-Mart clearance tee

A post I did a few months ago shows another way to use shirts, if you don't need more of the same. I used up some outgrown t-shirts to make little cotton play skirts for my girls! Since they're little and energetic, they can be hard on clothes, and I love that something I once wore and loved can be worn and loved by them too (and once we do have to throw it out, I don't feel as bad - it's done double duty!)

Pattern: no pattern used
Fabric: outgrown t-shirts

There are more elaborate refashions out there (keep an eye on Magda's blog, for more posts), but I wanted to show just a few of the easiest and quickest refashions you can do, without going further than your own closet!


  1. Your a busy smart lady with great talent, imagination & style wonderful ideas on getting the most out of every inch of fabric!