Monday, May 16, 2016

One Thimble: Issue 11

Hi! I'm so glad to be back promoting One Thimble #11!

We recently moved (to a house - with a yard - yay!) and I didn't think I was going to be settled in time for this tour, but things got done faster than expected (thank you, friends!) and so here I am. Or rather, we! Ethan is joining me today, modeling two of the 12! lovely patterns in Issue 11. 

See the little zipper and buttons on that unique collar? And that kangaroo pocket, if you're wondering, goes all the way through - but it's not your average pocket. There are welts! First time for me, putting welts in knit fabric, and they turn out just as stunning (if I say so myself) as woven!

All that perfection is the Upton Sweater from Momma Quail Patterns. You don't want to miss this one. Amy designs primarily for boys, but I've seen some lovely sweaters from this pattern for little misses, too. My oldest loves the zipper - I think we'll put one together for her next! And even with all those details, it comes together ridiculously fast. You'll also be happy to know that the sleeves are not cut on the fold, so if you use fabric that's not so stretchy (like a sweatshirt knit), your little ones will have full comfy range of motion with their arms!


From the creator of the Wild Things (coat, cape, and scarf) come the sweet Wild Things Baby Shoes! Lisa at Big Little Patterns created these stunning little slip-ons, and I couldn't love them more!

There are lots of animals included - like these foxes, as well as a bear, mouse, kitty, bunny, panda, and raccoon. I had so much trouble deciding which one to make, but once I found my sweater fabric I decided on a fox so I could do some orange to coordinate.

The shoes go from 0 up to 18 months - Ethan is 15 months, wearing the largest size, and he just squeaks into them (sob! he's growing!) He's very impressed with his fox feet!

I used lightweight cotton for his, but the pattern is written to be especially useful for upcycling sweaters (wool) or jackets (leather), and the ears are designed to be done with fabrics that don't fray like felt. I did two layers of cotton and did not seal the edges - once these are washed, the edges may fray and look a little furry! The faces are applique and a little hand embroidery - don't let that scare you off either, Lisa explains it all very well.

I love the construction of these little shoes - so quick and simple, and it's so fun to see them suddenly turn out - oop! Shoes! The elastic application made me go "Oooh, THAT'S how that works!"


These are just two of twelve patterns available! Along with the Upton Sweater, the Marty Hoodie (shown below on the cover) is another wonderful outerwear pattern with tons of options. For women, there's a hooded vest. Also featured are two dress patterns, some amazing pants with unique side details, a baby quilt, toys (a soft ball and felt puzzle), and even decor for both home and clothing - cross stitch and free motion applique patterns in fun animal themes!

The articles inside, as always, are informative and helpful for both hobbyists and home business owners. My personal favorite was an article (by Ari Green of Max California) on sewing for boys and finding inspiration for fun, fashionable looks. Sewing for girls is so varied and exciting, and when Ethan was born I had a bit of a mental block - how to get past shirts and shorts? But with the help of great patterns (nothing boring about what he's modeled today!) and inspiration from magazines like One Thimble, boy sewing can be just as fun as girl sewing! The tutorial on making a wild urban "Zayn jacket" (inspired by Zayn Malik) is amazing, and so inspiring to mix prints and patches!

This issue is also full of tips for upcycling clothing (an amazing article by Candice Ayala of is full of inspiring ideas) and freezer paper stenciling - one of my favorite embellishment ideas, especially since I don't have a Silhouette or anything like that! Anyone can do it, with simple household items.

Also interesting to me were the pieces about bag hardware. I'm a clothing sewist first and foremost, though I do quilt here and there. But I have (and am accumulating more) bag patterns that I just love, and I'm always on the lookout for ideas to make bags less intimidating to me. Having thorough articles explaining these "foreign concepts" to me is so helpful, and makes me feel like (someday) I can expand my skills to bags and wallets so I'm not relying on storebought.

One Thimble is available now from the website, and these patterns (and more!!) are tucked inside! Pick up your copy today, if you haven't already!

Be sure to check out the schedule for the tour below for more in depth looks at the patterns available in this issue, as well as all the other amazing content!


  1. Love your little Foxy Wild Things Shoes!!

    1. Thank you!! I love them too :D Sweetest little pattern!

  2. Love the sweater!! I love One Thimble and need to start making something from my issue ASAP.

  3. He's such a cutie pie! Great sews! =)

    1. I think so, but maybe I'm a little biased ;) Lol! Thank you!

  4. thanks for the kind words :D :D :D sewing for boys is so underrated!

    1. Well deserved <3 you are an inspiration! Sewing for boys is harder sometimes but I'm excited to be expecting a second one now, I feel like I'm finding more and more fun and creative ideas all the time! The dresses and fancy things for girls are great and all but sewing for boys stretches the mind :D