Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mackinaw Coat

You guys.

I made this. It's awesome.

The Mackinaw Coat by DbCA (Designs by Call Ajaire) is truly a labor of love, time consuming and awe inspiring. The bound buttonholes are (though not perfect) a masterpiece - these were my second attempt, when the "aha!" moment came and I finally understood how they worked!

I love a pattern that teaches new skills, and this pattern is full of them. Bagging the lining, not to mention how the whole thing is constructed (the Hobbes Hooded Jacket by Momma Quail Patterns uses the same technique. It's amazing!) It's going to make you feel like a sewing superstar when you're done.

And if you're one of those pro people who can sew a bagged lining and bound buttonholes in your sleep, then all the more reason that you need the Mackinaw - you'll have a cute new coat for your little love in no time! ;)

I love that once again, I've been able to make something so adorable AND functional. Seeing my kids wearing things I've made and looking good in them is indescribable - I love it!!

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