Thursday, February 18, 2016

One Thimble: Issue 10 Tour and Testing

One Thimble is back with Issue 10 and I have a lot to share this time around! Not only was I lucky enough to test a couple of the patterns featured in this issue, I also get to review the magazine!

First up are the PlayProof Dungarees from Serger Pepper. I made mine out of a pale pink corduroy and some pink/grey dot cotton for a coordinate. The pattern has several fun patch ideas, a TON of pocket options, and there's even a skirt version (available now through the magazine, or later on the Serger Pepper website!)

There are also a couple of different ways to finish the legs - I used the stretchy ankle cuffs for mine, and I love them! I think they're just perfect for active little ones, and they look so comfy and casual.

Next up is the Adventure Flags pattern from Swoodson Says. I didn't have a dowel handy, so I hung mine up with string and tacks. I used a plain cotton for the back and denim for the front, since the pattern suggests something a bit heavier. I used the applique shapes and my own lettering - the pattern provides you with appliques of pictures and themes, as well as fun quotes!

To keep my appliques in place I tried something different and used fabric paint - I had some glittery puff paint that I wanted to try out. (It's not actually lopsided, it's just the angle. ;) )

 So perfect for some fast decor for the kids' rooms!

Finally, once I saw the other patterns, I knew I had to sew the Jolie Skirt from Filles à Maman and the Enid Slouch Beanie from Rosie Petal. Since I was working with some half yard cuts from Girl Charlee, I had to be creative with my cutting to get both skirts and hats out of the same print - and I ended up having to shorten one of the beanies. It's not so slouchy, but it makes an ADORABLE more fitted beanie nonetheless! I also left off the button tab on that one, it's very simple and my big girl loves it (I gave her the choice of which one she wanted to wear).

The other I sewed as written, and the slouchy look is too cute. Since the print isn't super stretchy, I used a cotton lycra for the band and made a size up as well (suggested in the pattern for less stretchy knits, plus my kids have big heads). They fit perfectly!

Finally, the Jolie Skirt. (Psst. I didn't hem mine!) I made them quick and simple - no pleat, nothing decorative, just easy pull on, comfy knit. They love them, and they love having matching pieces to wear. I have a ton of fun quilting cotton prints that are begging to made into Jolie skirts next - the pattern works with wovens and knits, which is awesome. There is such a variety of looks you can get, from one "simple" pattern! The pleated front is so classy, isn't it?

The imps were busy drawing all over my new backdrop while I was trying to take photos. Time for a new one already - but at least it kept them busy!

That's only a sampling of the patterns in Issue 10 - so much variety and possibility already! Formal, casual, playtime or school, there's really a pattern or look for everything.

And the patterns are only part of it! In this issue of One Thimble, you'll also find tons of useful and interesting information - I love the "Dear Ripper" column! Every issue there are new sewing questions posed for "Seam Ripper" to answer, and it's a great way to find out new tips and tricks.

There's an entire article on prewashing fabrics, as well as tips for choosing fabric combinations - something I definitely need to work on! It's so easy to pick fun prints, until you have a closet full of them and nothing seems to go together!

Not only are there 10(!) patterns in this issue, but there are also 4 tutorials as well for more sewing projects - a collar, pillow, a coloring mat for your kids to keep busy at restaurants or appointments, and a pattern hack using a pattern from a previous issue. 

Need tips on sewing techniques (scared of bag making hardware? New to sewing with fur?) or a boost to your sewjo? It's all in Issue 10. Not only that, but there are five articles dedicated to different aspects of the business side of handmade. One Thimble is perfect for home hobbyists and those who sew for a living, as well!

If you haven't already (and what are you waiting for?) go pick up your copy here! I love being able to sit down wherever I am and scroll through while I'm mobile, and not have to worry about pages getting wet or ripped bringing my magazine with me when we go places, and there's no end to the inspiration!

This is the last day of the tour - if you missed a day or a blogger, all the links are below - make sure you look them all over for more ideas of what's in store!

Tour Schedule
2/12 Pattern Revolution, Rebel and Malice, Happy OkapiSew Happily Ever After  
2/13 Beri Bee Designs, Stitches by Laura 
2/14 Bee Quilted, Pearberry Lane 
2/15 LuLu and Celeste, Once Upon a Sewing Machine 
2/16 Horris and Deedle, Baby Hobbes Design 
2/17 Call Ajaire, Made by Sara, Sprouting Jube Jube
2/18 Snickerdoodle Stew,  Made by Meli, Create 3.5

And if you're feeling lucky, enter the giveaway below to win your own copy! Bought it already and couldn't wait? Enter anyway - if you win, you'll get a full refund of the purchase price!

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