Thursday, December 3, 2015

Filles à Maman: Petit Oiseau Pattern Tour

I love Petit Oiseau (Little Bird)!

At the time it was in testing, I wasn't able to, so when I saw the call for this tour I just had to sign up. As always, Mel's instructions are thorough, the pattern pieces perfect, and the finished product - well, just look at it!

Layered printing is an option, and the pattern features no-trim pages, which makes putting it all together very quick! Also, there is a printing guide, which means you only have to print off the pages you need, the size(s) you need, and you don't even have to prep them to put it all together. Win-win-win! Pattern is available in French and English, and has metric and imperial measurements.

The pattern is a casual dolman style tee, with an optional flounce for long or short sleeves.
I let Natalie pick the view she wanted - she chose long sleeve, which is good because it's cold here, and no flounce. She's into casual right now, I guess! ;) Petit Oiseau can be dressed up or down, depending on your style choice and fabric used.

The pattern is written for knit fabrics with at least 30% stretch, though the flounce can be done with woven fabrics. Just think of the possibilities...

I'm lazy creative so I didn't hem my sleeves or - well, the hem. Instead, I cut fringes - they're kind of like feathers, don't you think? The leopard print needed something wild. ;) I used the solid white contrast to tone things down a little, and we both love it. She even requested to wear it to sleep, which is funny because normally if it's not "matching pajamas" she wants nothing to do with it at bedtime!

Petit Oiseau comes in a large size range, from 12-18 months to 14 years! It's one of those patterns that can look great on babies and tweens/teens both, so it's really a great value. Plus, Petit Oiseau is on sale for the duration of the tour from the Filles à Maman site for $6 - no code needed! 

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  1. Adorable! Thanks a lot Meriel for being part of the tour! xxx

    1. Thank you Mel! Both for the compliment and having me along, it was fun and Petit Oiseau is such a pretty pattern!