Thursday, November 12, 2015

Swoodson Says Pattern Tour: Little Collector Backpack

I'm so pleased to be a part of the Swoodson Says Pattern Tour! 

My friend Stephanie designed a wonderful, useful, FUN backpack for kids, and though I primarily sew clothing (with a stuffed toy thrown in here and there) I knew I had to give it a try. Though I was intimidated by the idea, I was quickly turned around after reading through the pattern. Each step is clearly written out and illustrated with photos to leave no guesswork for the sewist - all measurements are provided up front, so there is no hunting through the pattern for anything!

I can honestly say I had a lot of fun sewing this little backpack! It went together far more quickly than I had expected, and I don't know why I waited so long to try it out! Every seam is finished inside and out so there are nothing but pretty edges showing everywhere.

The pattern is written to be made with mesh for the bottom and pocket (if you wish) but I used PUL, as it's coming on winter here and I thought a semi-water resistant bag might be nice for the bus or at the park (when we venture out!) I do have a nice piece of mesh waiting for a summertime bag, though...I'm dreaming. ;)

I love that the pattern includes professional details - the neat foldover pocket inside; enclosed seams on the bottom; a pickup handle on the top; and the straps are adjustable! They're not scary at all, either - the pattern shows you just how to put them together, and it's so easy! 

The  Little Collector Backpack is the perfect size for a box of snacks for an autumn trek, and there's plenty of room for rocks, sticks, and other treasures!

Here are all the other stops on the tour - if you missed one, go check it out! Stephanie has a great collection going of beautiful handmade toy patterns for your littles - and it's just the right timing for Christmas sewing! (If you want a preview of what you're getting with Swoodson Says patterns, Stephanie even has a couple of freebies to try first!)

Monday, November 9th: Friends Stitched Together / Sew Happily Ever After / The Crazy Tailor Tuesday, November 10th: Felt With Love Designs / Sew Not Perfect / House of Estrela Wednesday, November 11th: Lulu & Celeste / Handmade Boy / Rebel & Malice
  Thursday, November 12th: Rebel & Malice / create3.5 / Free Notion
  Friday, November 13th: Paisley Roots / The Wholesome Mama / Amazing Adventures With Bubba and Bug / Thread Riding Hood / Hugs are Fun

Annnddd, if you're feeling lucky? (Or even if you're not, you never know!) Enter to win all four Swoodson Says patterns!

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  1. It turned out so cute - and I'm glad you decided it wasn't intimidating. I don't do intimidating patterns :P Hope it gets lots of love & use, thanks for joining in!

    1. I already have jealous kids and requests from the fabric closet - next up night be a Hello Kitty one, lol!
      Bags overall intimidate me but then I make one and I'm never sure why! I keep trying to get myself out of my clothes-sewing cave...