Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Thimble Vol. 9 Tour

It's time for another One Thimble blog tour! Volume 9 is here, with 14 (!) patterns and a ton of useful, interesting, and fun articles!

So what's new in year two? The patterns are at the back of the magazine, which means no hunting through the pages for pieces. Included in this 2nd birthday issue are six children's clothing patterns:

Carnival Jacket
Ringmaster Top
Ringmaster Pants
Cross Bow Dress
Pseudo Smocked Romper
Timeless Treasures Skirt

two accessory patterns:

Statement Clutch
Good Fortune Headwrap

and six toy/feltie/applique patterns:

Vincent the Victor FMA
Trapeze Eloise FMA
Festive Felties (requires handsewing)
Cheeky Monkey Softie
Vintage Circus Sit Upons
Circus Toss Game

Wow! I chose a few clothing patterns to sew, since that's my favorite - though that Circus Toss Game may have to make an appearance for Christmas or birthday parties!

I made a matching outfit out of the Ringmaster Top and the Ringmaster Pants. I love that my girls are so close in size, because they can actually both wear the same outfit - though my oldest makes a much better model!

Rather than ruffles, I found some great yellow pompom trim and I think with the fun stripes it makes the whole outfit pop!

Then with some red corduroy, I made a Carnival Jacket. The exposed facing on the collar is a neat detail, and it was so easy to pop in some little contrasting inseam pockets as well - Natalie loves pockets! I'm working on another right now for Sam, and these jackets will be part of their Christmas gifts, for those random warm days the Wyoming winter likes to throw our direction!

I stayed up LATE reading the magazine - didn't want to put it down and go to bed! So many of the articles are things I need to learn or work on - how to insert an invisible zipper? On my to-do list! How to get perfect points with Half Square Triangles? Must learn! How to get your sew-jo back? I'm sure we all suffer from the "lack of inspiration" sewing blues - I know I do!

 There are even tutorials for I-Spy bags (super fun for kids at doctor appointments or even if you're stuck in traffic and they're kicking the back of your seat from boredom!) and a Hoop Tent.

Trending fabrics, how to photograph stunning flatlay photos for Instagram or sale posts, an article on fussy's all current, relevant, and needed for the home business owner who wants to step up their skills. With the Rafflecopter below, you can enter to win a copy of this amazing issue - or a refund, if you just couldn't wait and bought it already! ;)

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Need more previews? Follow our tour as we cover the issue and give you sneak peeks of the wonderful patterns hidden in the pages - oh wait, no they're not, they're all handily in the back waiting to be printed off!!


  1. Love what you did! I think I need that top pattern!

  2. Love what you did! I think I need that top pattern!

  3. Yay! I love how bright and happy your fabric choices are!