Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Momma Quail Pattern Tour: Sewing for Ethan!

I love, love, love my friend Amy's patterns. Boy sewing definitely isn't boring with them - each pattern is classic and timeless, but Amy adds so many little details and fun twists that the "classic" is reinvented and fresh. (Girls aren't left out, either - there are girl patterns, like I showed off here, and most of them are unisex anyway!)

When my son was born after two daughters, I had to go in an entirely different direction than I had been, sewing-wise. I told Amy she was my "boy sewing guru", and it's never been more true than now! Even though the Timmy Top doesn't go to baby sizes, I was easily able to size it down, and it's ADORABLE!

I tested the Timmy Top for my daughter, and I love it on both boys and girls. The details are so cool, with the little shoulder patches and contrast stripes (seen on Natalie's top - I left them off of Ethan's, since the shoulders were corduroy and bulkier already).

The Calvin Cargoes go to a size 18m, and that turned out to fit him quite well - they are a slim fit, and though I maybe should have shortened them, I don't mind that they're too long. They'll look cute rolled and cuffed, too, and he's busy growing as fast as he can!

Again, options - I left off all but the front pockets, since he's so little and can't enjoy the fun of the amazing little cargo pocket - with a zipper and separate velcro closure flap, kids can use the roomy pocket to keep any number of treasures safe!

The little "veterinarian" lab coat is from a little while ago, when I helped in testing the Fix It All Coveralls and Coat pattern. Intended as a costume pattern, the Fix It Alls have some of everything - lab coat, pieced or non pieced, coveralls with hood, collar, mandarin collar, a number of pocket options...you name it, it's probably there.

I'm currently working on a snow suit using the Fix It Alls - I'm a sloooow sewist on this project, but I think some of it must be in my head - if I don't finish it, it can't snow, right? RIGHT?? I love that it's a costume pattern, but can be used for any practical application as well! (Courtney made an awesome coat during testing, if you needed convincing!)

Follow the tour this week, soak up the inspiration, and head over to the Etsy shop for 30% off (biggest sale this year!) MQPATTERNTOUR is your coupon code!


Still reading? Good! Now you can enter the giveaway for a Momma Quail pattern of your choice! There will be three lucky winners when the tour is over, so keep your eyes open!


  1. He is soooo cute!! I love seeing him in so much Momma Quail!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    1. We love Momma Quail ;) and its creator! #wearallthemommaquail