Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gracious Threads' New Look Tour: Rainbow Remix and Lazy Loungin' Little

 Gracious Threads has a new look, and I'm here on the New Look tour to show you a couple "new looks" of my own - twists on familiar, fun Gracious Threads patterns.

Natalie's asked me for rainbow clothing a few different times, and I was never really inspired by anything. But as soon as I started thinking of a "new look" for the Rainbow Tee, I knew just what I wanted. I cut a solid back, and a pieced front from the same solid black jersey. I got it at the thrift store, so fiber content and all that is unknown, but it's sooo soft and comfortable feeling!

I initially wanted to do piping, but then I worried that it might be too stiff to play well with the jersey. So I just cut strips (straight across, I didn't even think about the bias) of a few different colors - not a literal interpretation of a rainbow, exactly, but enough that it's clear what I'm going for!

Piecing the front together was fun, even though I had to be careful to get the pieces lined up right! I cut the armscyes out further to make a sort of extended "built in" cap sleeve, for simplicity, and I love how it turned out. Natalie thinks it's a lot of fun too (it was COLD outside, but she was a trooper) and loves how she can flip the "stripes" up and down - a little interactive clothing never hurt anyone.

The other pattern I knew I wanted a "new look" from was the Lazy Days Lounge Pants. I've been eyeing them since they were in testing, but my boy isn't big enough for the pattern yet, and he's the one I really wanted it for! So - I took matters into my own hands, and dropped it down a couple of sizes for him!

Pants are something I can't keep enough of for him - no sooner do I make a few pairs than he's grown into the next size. I love easy, simple lounge type pants for babies, especially when it's cold out. These ones definitely fit the bill! I left the pockets off, since he's not inclined to use them anyway, and I love the simple style on him!

A whole bunch of other bloggers have been making and inspiring with new looks over the past week: if you missed any, click the links below to check them out!

Did you notice that graphic at the top? 40% off all Gracious Threads patterns right now - doesn't the new shop look amazing? (Don't forget your coupon code!) And if that's not enough, you can win a copy of any one Gracious Threads pattern of your choice - just leave a comment below, and let me know which one you'd pick! (Not sure? Go look over the shop again!)

The tour is over November 29th, so I'll pick a winner that night and notify on November 30th!


  1. After seeing this post and another, I'm thinking I might 'need' the lazy day lounge pants! They are so cute and I'm sure my kids would love some comfy pj pants where the legs don't slide up as they toss and turn all night long!

    1. I think you might need them too ;) The original pattern is so adorable, and even changed up they're one of my favorite pairs of pants for Ethan - so comfy and they fit him so well.

  2. I so need the Rainbow Tee, it would blow my little girls' minds if mama could make them a rainbow shirt. :) The Lazy Days pants are a favorite in our house already.

    1. Isn't the rainbow awesome?? Natalie is over the moon and hers isn't a "real" rainbow like she first asked for - I think that's coming next though ;)