Tuesday, October 27, 2015

M is for Moto Joggers: Hatchlings Pattern Tour

Today I'm venturing out of my children's clothing realm a little more to show off a great women's pattern - M is for Moto Joggers by Hatchlings Patterns.

Hatchlings is a new-to-me company, with children's pants patterns and a unique "taco clutch" pattern - this is the first women's pattern, and I'm hoping there will be more!

I decided to make a pair of comfy pants for a friend's daughter - she fit just about perfectly into the small size, and I graded the hips down to XS. The pattern is drafted to have extra room around the hips, and I was after a slightly more streamlined look, like sweatpants.

She's a runner, so I wanted something that would be comfortable to run in if she wanted to, but somewhat cozy, as the weather is getting cooler. I had some fun striped sweatshirt fleece in my stash, and it was just the perfect amount! (She says she likes them, even if my stripes don't all match up so well!)

I love the waistband, with the elastic held in place with parallel rows of stitching. It's comfortable, and does such a nice job of staying up - plus you certainly don't have to worry about the waistband rolling then! The design of the pants is to give a sort of "harem" look without being overly saggy, and I think that even with the slightly slimmed down hips, that element still shows - they certainly look like something you could wear to sleep, or curl up with a book!

I love comfy cozy sweatpants, and I think next on my list is to see if I can modify enough to fit into the pattern myself - I'm just over the largest size, but I think - with just a little tweaking - I can make them work, and this pattern would be a great way to give myself some practice sewing pants (for me!) 

The instructions are clear and concise, and the pieces went together beautifully. The rise is very well drafted - no fit issues were reported, and going by measurements, my friend's girl fit in exactly where the charts said she would! Sewing for a teenager was a fun change from sewing for little kids - and a challenge, since opinions are more pronounced! There's an endorsement for you - even your teenager will like these pants! ;)

The pattern is currently on sale for $9 AUD (about $6.50 USD, a steal for a women's pattern especially!) and will remain on sale until the tour is over on the 31st - so hurry over and pick it up here! Along with the "classic sweats" look here, there are instructions in the pattern for some very cool "moto" knee detailing (hence the name, and something I might have to try for myself - not my usual style, but they look fun!)

You can keep up with the rest of the tour here, to see the different inspirations and interpretations of the wonderful M is for Moto Joggers!


  1. These are so cute, almost make me want to jog ;)

    1. Haha! Thanks! After seeing them on her, I was *almost* inspired to go running...need to get some nice French terry and try them for myself, hmm?

  2. Meriel, these look like a nice fit. You definitely need to make a pair for yourself now!