Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sew 'n Style with Lil Luxe Collection: Preschool Posh

I'm so excited to share my mini collection with you today! I'm posting as part of a 6 week long tour, showcasing Lil Luxe Collection patterns and Jessica's initiative to have us all think more about the clothes we create and why - how our aesthetics shape what we make, as well as the role our children play in our sewing.

In creating this collection, I stretched my aesthetic as well as my skills. The majority of the clothes I make are simple, functional, wearable pieces - I don't do a lot of ruffles and "pretties", as my "little ladies" are more rough-and-tumble than anything!

However, I do appreciate a beautiful piece of clothing, and in looking over the Lil Luxe Collection patterns, I could see that they would work well to meet my aesthetic while maintaining their more stylish edge.

I made a total of 3 bottom pieces and 4 tops, using 5 Lil Luxe patterns and two self-drafted. I started with the Charming tee - the charm in back was left off, but I love the back circle detail. It makes your typical tee sophisticated, but it's still a simple, comfy top. 

Natalie can dress the tee up for church or school with a cute little Lakeshore Crop. I made hers out of a soft grey chambray, so it's comfortable, durable, and beautiful.  I love the softness and drape of chambray, and I think it's a new favorite fabric of hers, too.

The Slim Trousers are the first denim pants Natalie has put on and worn willingly - with a simple elastic waist option , they're a step up from your average leggings. She even tolerated the ankle zippers, but I think the sparkle I added on the back pockets helped (hey, she's still a little bit girly!)

Speaking of leggings, I drafted a simple pair and added some ruching on the ankles to elevate them to the level of the rest of the collection. I also self-drafted a simple tank top, to be an underlayer for any of the pieces.

The final bottom piece I made was a pair of Haute Shorts, using the cuffed shorts option. She can wear them over tights in the fall and winter months to come, but they're a great pair of transition shorts, with a summer style and fall fabric. I love the squared off pockets!

The final top was a Lil Luxe Peekaboo hoodie, modified to have a short cowl. You can just see the cute little thumbhole on the cuff in the right photo! Natalie loves that, as well as the pocket. It's a cozy, sophisticated sweater for a budding fashionista - she's getting pickier about her outfits, and she approved all of these! If the upside to that is that she's dressed "posh for preschool", then I'll deal with the choosiness.

I lengthened the sweater by about 4 inches, and it's just short enough to still be worn with her shorts (left) or Slim Trousers, but long enough that she can wear it with her leggings (right)!

To me, a collection is most useful in that the pieces are interchangeable, mix-and-match-able. In keeping my color palette neutral and my pieces classic, I think I managed to develop "Preschool Posh" into a stylish, yet comfortable and wearable collection. Every piece was created with Natalie in mind - her likes and dislikes, her comfort, and her growing sense of what's fashionable!

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Patterns used:

Lil Luxe Collection Charming Tee & Dress
Lil Luxe Collection Lakeshore Crop
Lil Luxe Collection Peekaboo Hoodie (modified)
self-drafted tank

Lil Luxe Collection Slim Trousers
Lil Luxe Collection Haute Shorts
self-drafted leggings

Fabrics used:

Gold Glitter Aqua Triangle Stag on White Jersey Blend, Girl Charlee
Charcoal Chambray, fabric.com
Maggy London Heathered Oatmeal Rib Sweater Knit, Fabric Mart
unknown - gold glitter grey jersey knit from personal stash

Black Stretch Denim, Denver Fabrics
Dark Chocolate/Toffee Brown Striped Wool/Nylon Suiting, Fabric Mart (no longer available)
Charcoal cotton/lycra, Purple Seamstress


  1. Very nice collection! The neutral palette works so well.

    1. Thank you! I love neutrals :) They'll go anywhere.

  2. Oh I love how soft and comfy this collection is, yet still looking polished. Great job. And I never realized about the squared off pockets. Good to know.

    1. Thanks Melissa! So glad I joined, it was so much fun visualizing and making it happen - totally a new level of sewing/thinking for me, and yet so easy to stick to what I (and she) like!

  3. Oh I love how soft and comfy this collection is, yet still looking polished. Great job. And I never realized about the squared off pockets. Good to know.

  4. A cowl neck on the hoodie pattern….genius and so cute!!!! I too love the neutral color palette, so easy to pair with existing closet items! Well done!

    1. Thank you!! I thought about adding an accent color, but I didn't want to limit my palette - I hate when I have matching sets and one piece gets wrecked, lol!

  5. This is such a cute collection - I love the fabric you chose for the charming tee

    1. :D Thanks!! My sister bought it for me, we saw it on Girl Charlee's site and fell in love...I want more!

  6. I love the cowl neck on the peek a boo hoodie...what a great transformation!!