Sunday, July 12, 2015

Layered Patterns: An Evolving List

Recently I saw a post asking for a list of designers offering the layers printing option, and I realized I haven't seen one myself. So I've put together this list.

This is an evolving list - I based it first on the designers I myself own patterns from, but I'm asking for your help to keep it up to date! I don't own patterns from every single PDF designer out there (and don't know anyone who does), so if someone you know to have layers included in their patterns is missing from this list, please leave a comment and I'll update!

This list will be updated as designers add this option or as I'm informed of those that I don't own/missed! Each designer on this list has at least one pattern with the layers printing option. Many newer designers will include it automatically, and still more are going back and updating. Please be patient with designers. Updating old patterns is a lot of work!!

**If you have questions about a specific pattern, ask the designer (or their Facebook group - I've now linked the sewing groups or pages if a group doesn't exist at this time. Typically the Facebook fans of each designer are quite knowledgeable about the patterns, and quick to answer questions!)!**


  1. Bishy Barnababes patterns have layers on all nested patterns (for the FMA patterns the different sizes are on different pages and there is a table for which pages to print so layers are not needed).

    1. Thank you! :) Only one layered pattern is required to be on the list, and I don't specify if a designer has more than one or not (that would take more hunting than I can manage right now, lol!)