Saturday, May 23, 2015

Suzuran Jacket Testing

I was given the opportunity to test something unique this past few weeks - a "no-waste" kimono jacket pattern from Tites-Mains.

The pattern pieces are cleverly shaped around each other to fit into one neat rectangle, which you can place over your folded fabric. Then you just cut around the solid lines, and there's your jacket, ready to sew! No giant, weird shaped scraps left to figure out what to do with - efficiency at its best.

The sewing process is quick and simple, and the finished results are something I haven't seen before. Suzuran comes in two size ranges (Medium and Large) that fit most sizes. The style flatters - it drapes, and there's a belt included for shaping. I personally like the sleeves a lot - wide, loose, and flowy, with a clever twist at the cuffs.

Cool, yes? The belt loops aren't your standard rectangle, and the obi belt and
arm vents are style choices pulled from real kimonos.
This pattern is on sale ($6, through May 25) - you can get it here on Craftsy already reduced, or on Etsy with code SUZURAN00.

Focus on the unique shape of the belt loops, not that I need a haircut.
Which I do.
If you're looking for a fun, fast sew, perfect for spring/fall fashion, the Suzuran Jacket should be on your list. Julia (the designer) worked hard and took all tester suggestions very seriously to come up with the best finished product possible, and it's a success! Yay Julia! 


  1. Hi Meriel, thanks for writing about Suzuran :-) I'm really excited about this project and it's great to see the fabric choices and styling optiona of different people!

    1. It's completely unique, and it's one of the few things I've sewn for ME - I've gotten compliments on how cool it looks :) Thanks for a great pattern!

  2. I tested this, too, and just love it! I've also gotten tons of compliments on it! Nice job with yours! It looks great! :) Lisa

    1. Lisa, yours looks fantastic on you, it's no wonder all the compliments! I just love the color you picked, too.

    2. Thanks! The bad thing is that my green color doesn't go with a lot of things, so I just might have to make myself another in a more neutral color like you did! :)