Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Clothes for Dolly: Scientific Seamstress Scallop Challenge

That was the fastest November on record! 
Three weeks ago, I decided to enter the Scientific Seamstress Scallop Challenge, held in the Facebook Lab group. Take the Twirl Scallopini pattern, but use the scallop template to add scallops to any other pattern of Carla C's!

I used the doll scallops, myself. I had a vision, and I (partially) completed it. I used the Reversible Romper, modifying it just a little - I added a facing rather than making it reversible.

I attached three rows of scallops - being uncertain about how to finish the top of the first set, I added some gold scallop ribbon I found in my stash. 

If I changed one thing, I would have taken the time to find another way to attach the scallops. I don't love how they're stuck in the seams, as the seams in the pattern are on the front and back rather than the sides. While it's not the perfect manifestation of my "vision" - it's still cute! And my daughter loves it - she's very impressed with the addition to her dolly's wardrobe. :)

The buttons are from a bag of assorted hand-painted wooden buttons that I ordered from China via Amazon. They are adorable! I was so excited to get them in mail, and I love pouring them out and looking through them over and over. There are only a few matches in the whole bag, and I was happy to find a couple that were matching but crazy enough to go with the rest of my convoluted color scheme! Mixing prints isn't always my forte, but I like the playfulness of the teapots, and I think I managed to stick with a basic color scheme! (Aside from a couple of "accents".)

All in all - it's not bad for something I started last night! I couldn't believe how fast that three weeks went - before I knew it, it was the night of the 29th! Procrastination isn't always my friend! 

Onto December now - and Christmas gifts! There's always something to work on.

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