Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back Again!

It's been a crazy couple of months in create3.5 land! 3 months ago I packed up my husband's things and sent him off to Wyoming, to land a better job...2 months later I followed with the girls, and here we are, waiting for Baby Boy to join us in another two months! It took us a full month to get settled here, and boy are we all glad to be sleeping in our own beds again! (Isn't it funny how your own sheets will feel so familiar, when all they are is a big piece of fabric?)

We have some wonderful friends and family here, a good job, a beautiful apartment, and I really couldn't be happier to have landed in this state. It's full of grass and hills and coal, the wind is terrible sometimes, but I love it.

Today my sewing room has been set up, the fabric is loaded into the closets, and my machines are ready and waiting to be threaded and turned back on - it's been way too long! (Yes, I have a sewing room! Well. Kind of. It's a shared office - since we don't "need" the third bedroom yet, I've taken over most of it and hubby gets a corner for his computer ;). )

Things will be slower paced around here for a while. I'll still be coming back to blog about projects, but more than likely they'll be my own projects - I'm finally ready to pull back on testing and blog tours and enjoy working for myself, at my own speed. (Although spring might hold some surprises...)
Plus, my girls need some fall/winter clothes!!

*I was going to put some pictures on here, but they'll have to wait - I need the camera cable! Oh, how I hate moving...and finding...*

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