Friday, August 29, 2014

Mystery Challenge: Morocco!

So this was supposed to be an AUGUST Mystery Challenge - the mystery here is why I'm posting half a month late. :P

Lucky for you, I can answer the mystery! A few reasons: 1, I'm kind of a slacker in general lately. 2, I'm pregnant. Yep. Baby Boy will be making his debut in December!! We are so excited :) 
Unfortunately for my blogging and sewing, Baby Boy has sapped most of my energy and ambition. It's gotten better, but I really have to push myself to get stuff done these days. Not to mention - reason number 3, my MEMORY! Oh, how I miss you, memory. Please come back.

Amy from Friends Stitched Together organized the Mystery Challenge again for a group of bloggers (you may remember my last post?) and if you read to the bottom of this post you can find the list of participants if you want to see the other challenge looks! I was given the theme "Morocco" by Ashley over at Sewing Sober.

Admittedly, I know next to nothing about Morocco, so the challenge threw me a bit. Some quick Google Image searches brought up bright, bold rainbows of color, and I decided that this Michael Miller "Bazaar" print was speaking to me. When I thought about patterns, only one jumped to mind - GYCT Designs' Seaside Summer Top/Dress! The neckline and long sleeves instantly said "Morocco" to me. I found the halfway point between the dress and top lengths and turned it into a tunic, instead.

Then I wanted some wide-legged capri pants, using Jocole's Essential Pants pattern. I also added inset pockets - Natalie loves pockets, and I wanted to make sure I sewed something she would actually wear!
Still an appropriate fall outfit without being too literal or costume-y, I think! I did a little hand embroidery around the pockets with some green and orange embroidery floss, and used the MM print inside the pockets too, to tie them together - but they can still be worn separately, of course!

Overall, I had a lot of fun making this outfit, and Natalie loves it (despite her expression here, haha!) She is a clown, but her first reaction on seeing her new outfit was "Oh, PWETTY! Try on! Try on!" and she didn't take it off for the rest of day. I call that a win!

Mystery Challenge

Friends Stitched Together - History of Flight - 8/17
Felt with Love Designs - Under the Sea - 8/18
Knot Sew Normal - Fruit - 8/19
Friends Stitched Together - My Little Pony - 8/20
The Berry Bunch - Cover Up - 8/21
Pensebrox - Titanic - 8/22
Tangible Pursuits - London Dapper - 8/23
Rebel and Malice - Disco - 8/24
Sewing Sober - Espionage - 8/25
Sugaridoo - Musical Instruments - 8/26
Lulu and Celeste - Morpho Butterfly/Rainforest - 8/27
Paisley Roots - Classic Summer Movies - 8/28
Create 3.5 - Morocco - 8/29
Mae&K - Solar System - 8/30
The Sewing Sparrow - Safari - 8/31


  1. Very fun! I love the bright colors! That print definitely says "Morocco" to me :) Thanks for playing along!

    1. Thank you!! I had so much fun putting this one together, sorry it took me forever to post! :P