Friday, August 8, 2014

Pattern Review: Little Kiwi's Closet Street Smart Sweatshirt Collection!

Ooh, I can't believe it's taken me so long to share this one! The options, as is typical with Lydia's patterns, go on forever...

It's the Street Smart Sweatshirt Collection! Choose from 2 lengths plus a hi-low hem option; add a kangaroo pocket or hood; use ribbing to create stretchy cuffs and a hem band, or leave them off and hem as you like! Plus, there's an option for a snap or button-up back for even easier on-off (great for newborns!)

The raglan style sleeves are so easy and quick to attach, and offer a simple way to customize this sweatshirt with a variety of animal embellishments - check out this panda! The ears are simply sewn into the shoulder seam, and the face is appliqued onto the front - so fun to embellish. (This is the sweatshirt I had to wait to finish before I could share this review - I got caught up in everything else, and the poor panda sat on my ironing board waiting and waiting...)

The eyes are fabric paint, and Natalie put her fingers in them before they dried. ;)
Natalie is thrilled with her "panda shirt". I can't get a picture of her wearing it - but then, it is typically around 80 degrees outside right now. So I guess I don't blame her for not wanting to put it on, but she loves to carry it around! Silly girl! :)

When I tested (lucky me!!) I made three different sweatshirts - one for each of my girls, and then one for my niece. While I'd been putting together the other two, my sister said she wanted a sweatshirt dress, and as I was up for three different options anyway, I said of course!

Natalie is wearing her University of Minnesota (or Harry Potter/Gryffindor, depending on your affiliation of choice) inspired hoodie! Cuffed sleeves, hem band, kangaroo pocket (nothing this girl loves more than a pocket!), and a lined hood! This one is made all from fleece, and it'll be so warm and cozy this winter!

Sam has a snap-up back (love those little heart snaps) with a hem band, cuffed sleeves, and again it's all in fleece. Some of these thinner fleeces snap back in shape really well, and work almost as well as ribbing for cuffs - though if I'd had matching ribbing, I would've rather used it!

Finally, Lia in her sweatshirt dress option! This is a favorite of mine. The fabric is a poly blend jersey knit, left over from a dress I made myself, actually! I did a hood and pocket, placing the pocket in the mid section and lining up the stripes (of course). And check out my lining up on the arms, if you can see it - best ever! /brag ;)

I love this pattern, but then I love all of Little Kiwi's Closet, so that shouldn't be a surprise. The raglan sleeves make this so fast, so easy, and with any variety of options and materials you can use, it's a wonderful value! I know there is a pile of fleece left in my closet that's just waiting to be turned into more cozies for winter coming up!

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