Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mimi Blog Tour - Filles à Maman

Hi! Continuing along the blog tour today - I can't wait to show you my Mimi! There is a ton of versatility in this pattern, as I'm sure you've noticed along all the stops. Mimi can be dressed up as much as you like, or down to a "simple" t-shirt - but there's nothing plain about Mimi.

I was very excited to join in this tour. I love Mel's patterns - I own all of her clothing patterns, and they all go together so well. Plus the instructions are perfectly clear, and the finished product always makes me so happy to look at it! This shirt was no exception.

The pattern was a little big to tape, but that's because of all the options. Mimi can be a shirt or dress (or tunic!) with or without a unique asymmetrical collar, a beautiful keyhole button detail, or some cute ribbon fringe. So many ways to decorate Mimi! It comes in sizes 12m to 14y, so there's a huge range - and even if you had girls in each size, they could all be made to look unique from just one pattern.

In my case, I went pretty basic. My toddler has an alarming lack of summer clothing in her size - I've grown so used to having clothing in storage for her, that I didn't realize she'd reached the ends of my stores! Something I need to remedy, quickly...and Mimi is perfect. I love it for a substitute for a basic tee - it's simple enough at its base to be a quick sew (perfect for batch sewing a few of them) and yet detailed enough to be head and shoulders above any other tee shirt out there.

That keyhole! I love it...the button itself can be another decorative embellishment - so much variety to be had there!

I made the short sleeve version, leaving the sleeves plain (there is a cuff detail that I left alone for this one). I love the hem detail - such a small change that gives such a different look. The pattern uses facings for the neckline and hemline, which intimidated me a tiny bit at first - I've never had good luck getting facings to line up just right, but these went in so easily and I think they turned out great! (I know, my inexperience is showing! ;) )

I am trying very hard to ignore those stripes. :(  This is why we baste before serging, kids! ;)

Mimi has a long sleeve version as well, so the pattern can be used year round easily! I know I'll keep sewing them for winter too - and I have to try that fringe detail next! I love it.

Go to Mel's etsy shop right now to check out the rest of her patterns, and get 20% off Mimi - use code MIMITOUR20. You know you need it!

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Here are the rest of the bloggers on this tour, in case you missed one and need to look them up - tons of inspiration in all of these great posts! Make sure you see them all!


  1. Cute, looks really fresh with those stripes!

  2. Those are SO adorable!! Especially the little punkin wearing them :)