Friday, May 9, 2014

Pattern Tour: The Ramblin' Raglan Review

I'm thrilled to be a part of Muse of the Morning's Pattern Tour! 
Today I have the opportunity to share my interpretation of Muse of the Morning's Ramblin' Raglan with you.

The Ramblin' Raglan is a megapack pattern - 7 sleeve styles, 3 bodice styles, 3 lengths, and 2 hem options! With all that, who needs another raglan pattern?? This one encompasses tops, nighties, and dresses; long, 3/4, short, and flutter sleeves (with or without elastic bands or frills); plain bodice for tons of embellishment options or elasticized for a customized perfect fit (with two insertion methods!); and a straight hem or a pretty ruffle!


I chose to make a nightie for Natalie, with a ruffle hem, standard short sleeves gathered with elastic, and enclosed elastic in the bodice. I love the option for enclosing the elastic - my toddler is particularly, well, particular when it comes to the clothing I make her with woven fabrics, and anything I can do to make it more comfortable is a definite selling point!

My fabric blends in with my ironing board cover a bit :)
The fabric for the nightgown was Mom-chosen, Toddler-approved. As soon as she saw the sleepy owls, her eyes lit up - and when I showed her the ruffled hem, she exclaimed "Oh, PRETTY!" and demanded to put the nightie on. She also loves the pocket that I added - not especially necessary for pajamas, but the girl LOVES pockets! What toddler doesn't?

The pockets hold an ear of corn for snack perfectly!
Her favorite part.
To make the pocket, I cut a 7 inch square, then measured halfway along the bottom, 2.5 inches up the side, and cut that triangle off on both sides to shape the pocket. Then I hemmed the sides, and stitched the pocket on! Nothing fancy about the placement - I eyeballed it. ;)

This pattern is so easy to put together. There are only 3 pattern pieces (a front, a back, and whichever sleeve you choose), and measurements for the ruffle pieces. One of my favorite things about the pattern is the fact that the elastic measurements for sleeves, bodices, and the neckline are included in charts with the corresponding step, rather than being listed in a big chart at the beginning of the pattern. So much easier to cut pieces for a specific step as you go, and no forgetting those measurements!

The Ramblin' Raglan is a quick and easy sew. From cutting the fabric to the final stitches on the hem, it took me about 2 hours to put together the nightie (that's estimated actual work time - I'm easily distracted, both by self and kids. There are downsides to having the computer right next to your sewing machine, ha!) The pieces fit together well for a great look - I love the finished piece on its own, and on Natalie. She loves it too - I finished it less than a week ago, and it's already been in the wash twice! 

She wants to wear it for a day dress as well as a nightie - these pictures are from her "farm girl" shoot. The setting (in the dirt) and styling (yes, that's an ear of corn she was snacking on while posing!) are all her idea. 

We'll be seeing more of the Ramblin' Raglan around here for sure! And with all the options available, I can make her a whole closet full of different looks before coming close to exhausting the pattern. At only $10.00, this pattern is a fantastic deal, especially for all the different looks you can get with just one purchase! If you buy through the website through May 17, use the code BLOGTOUR30 to get 30% off - that means you can get the Ramblin' Raglan for only $7.00!!

 Make sure to check out Chrissy's blog and enter the giveaway! 10 people will win a pattern of their choice from Muse of the Morning. Chrissy has patterns for clothing for both boys and girls, bags, ornaments, decorations, and even toys! 

There are so many awesome bloggers sharing their beautiful interpretations of an array of great patterns from this amazing designer, and you can find all the links on the blog as well!  There's really something for everyone. Muse of the Morning's patterns can be found on EtsyCraftsy, and Muse of the Morning's website. Remember, 30% off your entire purchase until May 17 using code BLOGTOUR30 - on the website only!

*I was given this pattern for the purposes of this tour; all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Hi Meriel!
    Thank you for being part of the tour! I love the nightie you've made and adding the pocket is brilliant!!

    1. Thank you Chrissy! I love the pattern, and loved being a part of this tour - thanks for having me along!

  2. Such a sweey nightie! Wonderful job.

    1. Thank you! So fun to make, and the best part is that she loves it!