Friday, May 30, 2014

CraftingCon Tour!! - Day 5

Eek! CraftingCon continues today - and It's-a-ME, with Mario and Toad (Toadette?)! CraftingCon is a monthly competition with all sorts of gloriously geeky themes, as well as tutorials, guest posts, and more! Make sure you keep watching Mae & K and Friends Stitched Together each month for all the fun!

When I saw all the themes for CraftingCon I was hooked on Mario from the start. The games my daughters will likely play will be very different from the games I grew up with, but (so far) the clothes haven't changed (much), and the classic Mario outfits are full of inspiration for fun looks for kids!

I used the Tabitha pants by Felicity Patterns - it's an elastic waist pants pattern that can be used with or without the straps, and I love the big pockets! My toddler loves the pockets too, and the straps are just so darn CUTE (even if they do fall off her shoulders!) I love how she wears them pulled up so high! So adorably geeky.

Along with the pants I made a simple red tee. I started with Jocole's knit peasant tee pattern for the basic shape, but modified it slightly, cutting it shorter to fit the tshirt I was upcycling - I cut the shirt out of one of mine, so I used the existing hems on the bottom and the sleeves. The sleeves are cut much smaller (because my shirt wasn't big enough for the pattern pieces ;) ), and I used 1/4" elastic with a casing rather than shirring the neckline. 

For the Toad/Toadette look, I made my littlest a pair of Candy Castle Butterscotch Bloomers and a Little Kiwi's Closet Summer Hi-Lo top. The bloomers are all knit, so they're super comfy, and the hi-lo top is so sweet! Also, I made a Prudent Baby reversible vest (free pattern in 12 mo. size here). The red side has white dots painted on to mimic Toad's mushroom hat.

Our playground just happened to have a slide that looks (maybe a little bit?) like the green tubes Mario gets to jump around in, and it's Natalie's favorite!

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  1. Adorable! I love how they turned out! And the high waist pants are killing me - kids are so funny! Thanks so much for playing along :)

  2. So cute! Love the more feminine approach. Great job