Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pattern Review: The Love Me Knot Shorts by GYCT

How cute are these shorts?!

Chelsea from GYCT Designs/Get Your Crap Together has just released probably the cutest shorts pattern ever - the Love Me Knots! They can be purchased on etsy or craftsy.

Even for a slowpoke like me, these shorts are still a quick sew. From printing and taping the pattern together, to the final stitches on the keyhole bias tape, I think they took me an hour. Hour and a half, tops. And like I said, I'm a slow sewer. Sewist. (Why doesn't someone come up with a better word? Quick!)


Natalie's giving me the "scary eyes" here - "I'll show you for making me model again, Mom." Don't let that fool you. She loves these shorts almost as much as I do! Which is good, because she's the one wearing them. That's not to say I wouldn't, if they'd fit me. (ha!)

This is the first shorts pattern Chelsea has released, and what a success! Being part of the testing process was great fun, as always. I can count on - um - one finger, actually, the number of times I've made shorts or pants, even though I have an embarrassing number of patterns for them. Bad news for all those patterns now, because I'm pretty sure Natalie just needs about 20 pairs of these.

(okay, maybe not 20)

Miss Sassy Pants Shorts here was surprisingly agreeable to putting on her purely coincidental carefully thought out outfit (that tee just happened to match the bias tape. Good thing it still fits, barely ;) ) She didn't say anything when I showed her the shorts, but she did raise her eyebrows and shuck off the pants she was wearing pretty quickly! I took that as a good sign.

These have a flat front and an elasticized back, easily customizable for the perfect fit! Natalie's elastic could be taken in just a wee bit more, but this was the first sew. Even so, they fit wonderfully! The waist is just snug enough that I don't feel like they'll fall down when she's running (which is basically all the time), and the hips are just loose enough to allow for freedom of movement. Plus, the leg openings can be gathered as much or as little as you like, to customize the "bubbliness" of your little girl's shorts!

I love, LOVE that keyhole detail.

Bias tape on the hems and around the keyhole openings makes for a quick and easy finish - plus it's so easy to make your own, to match or coordinate with your shorts fabric perfectly. 

And how about those pockets? A little piece of 1/8" elastic stitched inside gathers the top, adding another sweet, girly detail. And what little kid doesn't love pockets?

I have nothing against a full elastic waistband, especially on kids' clothing, but the flat front of these shorts has such a classy look! Taking things a step up over at GYCT Designs - go grab your pattern now! (psst...if you go purchase on etsy, use code LOVEME for 30% off! Good until Saturday!)

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  1. That is a very cute shorts pattern and yours are adorable!!

    1. Thank you Kathy! It is a cute pattern, I love it!

  2. Haha. The "scray eyes" crack me up. It's too hilarious when little ones do them.

    So fun being in the tester group with you!

    1. She's a sass! Lol, she makes me laugh all the time.
      Fun testing with you too - your blog is hilarious, I'll follow you ;) (is that creepy?)

  3. OMG those are so adorable!!! Love the fabric choice and the gingham contrast. Too bad my big little vetoed these :(

    1. Thanks Shawnta! :) The fabric was one of my best ebay finds ever, someone else's destashing! I love it :) Awww, if they came in adult sizes I'd make some for myself! Lol!