Saturday, March 8, 2014


I'm prepping, and it's taking up a LOT of my time.

See my paper trimmer hiding under the piles of patterns?
No, not for disasters. (I hope, anyway.) Sewing! After looking at the - um - very large number of patterns I own, I was getting a little overwhelmed. There are so many that I haven't used yet! (Probably should quit buying them now, right? Hahaha!) Soo..I figured, why not take a few days off from sewing and go through them? 
This is just part of what's jammed into a big drawer in my desk.

I've spent the last week or so poring over my pattern files, picking out several wardrobes worth the ones I want for spring/summer, and printing, printing, printing, cutting, cutting, taping, get the idea. The only downside to PDF patterns is the assembly - but the great thing is, once it's done it's done! I print mine off, trace the sizes I want, and use them until the folding and refolding (to stuff in a drawer) makes them fall apart, before I print them again. (Printer ink isn't cheap!) 

Now I just have to alphabetize. Haha!
So even though I've taken up a lot of precious sewing time, I figure in the long run I'm saving myself a lot! :) Pattern prep is no one's favorite part of sewing (though I'll admit, it can be therapeutic in its own way) - why not take a few days and get it all done at once? Now I can focus on sewing them all!

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