Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Kiwi's Closet: Bella Bolero Review

LKC again! I love Lydia's patterns!

A while ago, I made four of the Tara Tiered Sundress (buy it here), but for some reason it still isn't warm enough to wear them. At least, not without some tights, and a sweater of some sort - which is where the Bella Bolero comes in!

Bella comes in three styles, with four sleeve options! So many mix and match opportunities to create the perfect finishing touch for all those gorgeous spring dresses.

Here are a few that I made during the testing process: View A, with long sleeves on Sam, and 3/4 sleeves on Natalie. View A is a classic bolero style, where the sides curve outward over the chest. (These two pictures made the tutorial and tester pics, too - :D I'm ridiculously happy about that. It might not be a big deal to some people, but it is for me - first time that my tester pictures have been shown!) They're also showing off two of their Taras here, as well.

View B, with the sides curving inward, and a tie at the base (long sleeves for Natalie this time) - excuse the outfit. She, um, chose it herself. ;)

...and View C, a ballet wrap style with long ties! The wrap can go to either side, depending on preference. This is the sleeveless option, which is great for those sleeveless dresses on a warm-but-breezy day. Plus, it has a little bit of a "sporty" look! Sam's wearing a store bought dress, here.

 This is an all-knit pattern, with the option of using fold-over elastic for the edges and ties. I used old t-shirts and sheets for all of mine -a great way to upcycle and create something new out of those old, worn-in pieces you have sitting around! Plus, they're nice and cozy - my girls love them!

See how happy she is about her Bella and Tara?


  1. I like the idea of using knits for little girls. So cozy and comfy. I wish I could get away with wearing little girl styles.

    1. Haha, sometimes i wish that too! My toddler has decided she only likes to wear pajamas, so knits are the only way I can get her into clothes right now!

  2. These are so sweet and pretty! My toddler likes to pick out his own clothes, too. I don't think he's worn matching socks in months! :)

    1. Thank you! Lol :) I love the combinations's such a small thing that makes them so happy for some reason!