Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I think every sewist out there, no matter how much equipment you have, has a "wishlist" of all kinds of stuff that would make your life easier, your products look better, your sales go up, or maybe just make you and your family and friends (whoever you sew for) happy.

I definitely do. And at the top of my list, currently - a serger!

brother 1034d serger

I've been reading rave reviews about the user-friendly (beginning user-friendly!) Brother 1034D serger, and I don't think I've stopped wanting one even for a second since I saw the first review months ago, on a Facebook sewing group. They're relatively cheap, reportedly easy to use, and good quality! My current machine that I do everything on is a Brother, and I love it - (although I will admit to wanting an upgrade now and again, but only to another Brother. ;) )

For me, a serger would let me expand my capabilities in ways a regular sewing machine can't. Those nice trimmed evenly finished seams? Done. Faster production? Done. I do have an overlock stitch on my machine right now, which does almost the same thing - but those fraying edges on woven cottons will just never look as nice as they could.

Seamingly Smitten (designer of these beautiful, classic patterns) is hosting a Brother 1034D giveaway, ending in only five short days!! If you're like me and you just can't justify the purchase right now, but would give your eyeteeth (whatever those are) to own one - GO ENTER HERE! And good luck (but I still hope I win, haha!)

**I'm blogging about the giveaway in order to receive extra entries into the giveaway. This option is open to all participants with a blog, but there are five additional ways to enter as well - now go check it out!

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