Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sick and tired

of being sick and tired. You know that one, right?

Dave came down with the flu, and the girls joined him with bad colds - Sam has the worst one, poor baby.
:( I hate when the kids are sick. I have a cold too, but it hasn't stopped me from sewing. Just have to stop to blow my nose and wash my hands every couple of minutes, but I'm not the world's fastest anyway so I'm not sure it's made a difference.

We are so, so over winter here.
Picture found here.

I've actually been (oddly) more productive than usual - making some small headway through the Giant Stack o' Projects. Also, I managed to pick up three more tests (and apply for a fourth and fifth, because I'm an idiot). Can't share any of them with you yet, so ha ha. Be patient.

Along with those four little Izzy tops, I finished my three Bubblegums I was working on for KCW (yeah, a bit late!), two of my three test projects, and a couple of weird little stuffed dog toys (really, they are odd looking) for the girls - Natalie is rather attached to hers, and calls it her "Hungley-dog" (after Hundley, the dog on Curious George, which she loves). Sam is indifferent.
Here's a picture of the pieces for the dog (along with some foil from a chip bag I put in the ears for stiffness/crinkle). The red print I intended to make bandanas for the dogs to wear around their necks, but it never happened.

I'll post some finished pictures as soon as I get the okay to share my test photos! (And if I can get Natalie to show off her monkey she calls George, and her "Hungley-dog"!)

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