Friday, February 28, 2014

Scientific Seamstress I Love to Read Challenge: Duck Feet for Natalie

For Christmas, Natalie was given a copy of "The Big Green Book of Beginner Books", a collection of stories by the famous Dr Seuss, writing under his pen name of Theo LeSieg. While she likes all of the stories in it, one has stood out from the beginning as her favorite - so much so that I have it pretty much memorized, we read it so often! She even takes the book to bed with her every night, refusing to go lie down until she has her "duck feet" story with her. I used that story as my spin-off for my I Love to Read month challenge, from the Scientific Seamstress.

I wish I had a picture of Natalie in it. She's sleeping, since it's - very early, let's just say. ;)

The challenge was to use a Scientific Seamstress or Sisboom pattern, or patterns, to make a look inspired by a favorite book - either an adult pattern, with your own favorite book, or a children's pattern inspired by their favorite. Easy enough to do, for Natalie. And this outfit is perfect for her - a comfy cozy knit PJ set. I used the All-the-Rage Raglan, and the Louey Boxers (as well as duck feet slippers from Peekaboo Pattern Shop) to create a set that (hopefully) she'll love to wear! She is the type to want to wear pajamas all day long and be "cozhy", so I think she'll happily add these to her repertoire. ;)