Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sassy and Sleepy: Pattern Review(s)

I've already posted some pictures of these adorable Izzy tops I've made, but here they are in action- with a giraffe friend, coming soon from Sweetbriar Sisters! (etsy shop here)

Now, I've already extolled Izzy's virtues. Quick, easy, and cute! It's so simple, and the finished product is just perfect for those little baby/toddler body shapes. Plus, it's virtually impossible to mess this pattern up. The pieces go together so simply and easily, and the gathered skirt can be manipulated easily into the bodice. The first top I made, I wasn't entirely happy with how the skirt looked. Now I realize how easy the fix was - topstitching! Just minutes later, the top looked a lot better - so remember, topstitching is your FRIEND.

Sweet and sassy...

Natalie let me take a few pictures, in exchange for the promise of ice cream with chocolate sauce! :) She's not the most patient model...and although she LOVES her new giraffe (he was the first thing she picked up this morning), she's contrary. As soon as I told her she should hug him for the picture, well...she did exactly not that.

Playdoh doesn't taste so good after all.

Gerald the Giraffe is about 12 inches tall from head to toe, excluding the little knobbys on his head, and of course his ears. :) His eyes can be done with safety eyes (recommended in the pattern), or buttons, like I did. Even snaps would work - half a snap set for each eye! And of course, there's always hand embroidery. If you don't have the safety eyes (I don't), then hand embroidery is always a safe alternative for little hands and mouths - no small parts to detach. However, in this case, I used buttons for time reasons, and made sure that my machine sewed them on VERY tightly.

The pattern for Gerald is so simple. Three pages of full size pattern pieces to cut out, plus one page of thorough instructions to make the process as quick and easy as possible. The instructions even have little illustrations, line drawings, for the more visual learner. The illustrations show some, but not all of the steps. However, between the illustrations, the carefully worded instructions, and the clearly marked pattern pieces, I didn't feel that I missed a thing!

I do not typically make stuffed toys, except on rare occasions to give as gifts, or when I see a pattern I just can't resist for a new toy for my girls. Somehow, they intimidate me - but this giraffe wasn't scary at all. The pieces went together so perfectly - all the edges and corners matched up just right, and the darts in the head and nose pieces shaped it all up beautifully. It was so much fun to turn it right side out and see that perfect little head pop up, ears and knobs attached! And the little yarn tail is a perfect place for little hands to grab and hold on - just ask Natalie. Great for swinging Gerald around! (I hope he enjoys it as much as she does!)

Go check out Sweetbriar Sisters shop - as well as Gerald, they have a Pegasus winged pony, Harry the horse, a trio of dinos, and many other stuffed toy patterns sure to be a hit with your littles, no matter their attitude! I have my eye on the dinos myself, as well as their Adorable Autos!

And going to back to Izzy for a moment - here's the sleepy sister in her matching top.


  1. Thanks for the great review! Gerald turned out great!

    1. Of course! Well deserved, it was such a fun pattern! Thank you :) I was glad to test, would love to again in the future :)

  2. I love the Sweetbriar Sisters plushies!! Thanks for testing this pattern and giving the link. I want to try the Dragon now. :-)

    1. Okay, I SWEAR I replied to you. Lol. I have the dinosaurs and the cars, but the dragon is tempting me...