Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Kiwi's Closet: Tara Sundress Review

I love pattern testing. Really, I do. Especially when I get to test something as sweet as these little sundresses from Little Kiwi's Closet. My second international test - this one is from New Zealand!

The Tara has two skirt variations - the tiered skirt is in Lydia's Etsy shop now, and the simple full skirt is scheduled for release very soon! I was lucky enough to test both the tiered pattern and the simple skirt add-on. Originally I tested the 9-12 month size for Sam, and then decided I loved the dress so much on her, I made one of each style for Natalie as well! (Of course I don't have modeled pictures on Natalie. We know how much she loves the camera. :P )

I made a 3y size for Natalie, and the girls fit perfectly into their dresses. I love the pleat detail on the tiered dress, and the sweet little bodice ruffle on the full skirted one! Making these dresses, I had my first experience putting in a zipper. I had previously been intimidated by them, and when I signed up to test this dress, I actually didn't realize the back closed with a zipper! I might not have signed up if I had realized, so I'm glad I didn't notice - it gave me a chance to try something new. Plus, Lydia's instructions and pictures were so thorough that I didn't have a hard time - at all! I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy zippers really are, and lining up the tiers on either side really wasn't difficult either!

Natalie really likes this dress - she calls it her "bee bugsh" dress!
This dress can also be made with knit fabrics, eliminating the need for the zipper - I may have to try that next! I will definitely be making more of these, I know that. It's really the perfect little summer dress for active little girls. So many of the dress patterns out are party dresses, or something that you make and then are scared to let the kids wear! But this dress is the best of both worlds. It's cute, it's comfortable, it can hold its own with all the "party" dresses, and it's perfect for a picnic at the park! (all the alliteration!) And then the girls can run around and fly down the slide in it, too. I'd better make them matching bloomers, first, though. ;)

Sam is a pretty good patient model, and she loves to cheese at the camera.

The shoulder ties and bodice trim I made with bias tape that I had handy - I make my own, generally, and so Sam's second dress I kind of built around the trim! There was just enough left. The little shoulder bows are so precious! There are so many details to these dresses. They're very easily customized, and you can make a different look for every day of the week with one simple pattern plus an add-on! 5 star rating! :)


  1. They all are just adorable, but the bee one is the Bee's Knee's - zzzzzzzz!
    I love bee's.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's my favorite too - my toddler loves bugs! haha