Sunday, February 2, 2014

KCW: End.

I kinda dropped the ball on Kid's Clothes Week. Kinda. I was gone all day Friday, and most of Saturday. That cut out two of my hours (although I'm pretty sure I made them up earlier in the week, being up until 3 every morning...)

Front of Sam's Izzy Top - the hem isn't wonky, it's just hanging weird. I do love that sparkly black fabric.
Not one of my garments is finished. My closest-to-being-finished top for Sam still needs a button and a buttonhole, and I've just been too unmotivated to switch the foot on my machine. That, and I'm not entirely happy with how the skirt part of it came out. I'm trying to decide if I hate the look of it more than I hate my seam ripper! :D
Back of Sam's Izzy - that button tab wants its button, already!!

I did, however, get a lot of cutting done! 13 pieces. THIRTEEN. All the patterns were taped, traced, cut; all the fabric ironed and cut; and 13 soon-to-be garments are waiting piled on my ironing board. Well, 12, since I'm almost done with one. And three of those 12 are actually started, just not sewn together - I've put together bodice pieces and gathered skirts, and that's where I stopped.

It all counts for KCW. I should even be proud that I got that much done, because ironing and cutting fabric is my least favorite part of the whole sewing process. Yes, you read that right. I even like taping and tracing patterns better than cutting fabric. Weird, I know. Anyone want to come cut fabric for me? I will happily trace your patterns for you.
Sneaky peeky! 3 Bubblegums (paisley fabric, hiding); 2 Maras (Minnie and Princess, with pink accents); 2 Swing skirts, denim with pink on one and Easter eggs (peeking) on the other; Boy/Girl Overalls (for a boy this time - army men); Kenzie's party dress (Easter eggs, rainbow stripe, and some pink accents).

Track down the patterns mentioned in this post: Candy Castle Bubblegum dress found here; Compagnie M's Mara blouse; Compagnie M's Swing skirt; Whimsy Couture's Boy/Girl Overalls here; EYMM Kenzie's Party Dress, free Izzy Top by Climbing the Willow.

Three more Izzys! Izzy,izzyizzydizzy.

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