Saturday, February 22, 2014

Free Pattern Friday: Starting off with a tutorial instead! :)

There's nothing better to me than a good free pattern. I have over 200 patterns in my files, and yes, many of them are free! (That includes my toy/accessory patterns as well as clothing, but I'm leaving out the quilt blocks and "home goods" type of thing; pillows and such. I think those two categories alone would add another 100+, and 99% of those were probably free as well!)

I won't tell you how many patterns are in each of those files.
Since I started this blog, my purpose has slowly evolved as I've discovered what I'm capable of. Sewing more and buying less was one of my goals this year, so I'm starting something new - Free Pattern Friday. I will do this feature once every two or three weeks, depending on my schedule, but I will try my best to do it at least twice a month. Going through my files, (as well as all my bookmarks on Chrome!) there are enough free patterns to introduce to you to keep us going for at least a year, at that rate! ;) 

Today's pattern is a bit of a cheat, as it's actually a tutorial (and it's Saturday, just by a hair, according to my clock). But, specific measurements are included, which is about as close to a "pattern" as you can get without actually printing anything off. I know of designers whose patterns consist largely of measuring rectangles, even for clothing - and honestly, sometimes I prefer that! Who wants to print off 10 pages, just to tape together and cut out a rectangle??

Natalie is a bit obsessed with cameras - she broke mine a while back, and I borrowed my mom's indefinitely. (I'm thinking of saving up for a DSLR next year. Maybe this one. But we'll see.) I knew I'd seen a tutorial somewhere for a little toy camera to sew up for her, but I couldn't find it in my files anywhere! Must be the one left on the internet I didn't save.

Google came to the rescue, and seekatesew! This is a different toy camera tutorial than the one I had in mind, but after looking it over I decided I like this one better - it's 3D! I just got an order of felt in the mail, so I had all the materials on hand - except for the vinyl for the LCD screen, but I used a piece of a gallon zipper storage bag. They're a little thicker than sandwich bags, and it worked okay. I don't think it liked my machine much, but it behaved itself all right.

Front view of Natalie's new camera

I had to work fast, because Natalie was waiting impatiently by my leg through the whole process. You can see bits of my white bobbin thread (serves me right for being too lazy to switch!) and I'm not 100% sold on how far the "lens" sticks out. I think I'll make that piece a little narrower next time.
Back view - that "screen" started shredding a little, but it's holding
I used KAM snaps for the button and the "flash", and twill tape for the strap. She loves hanging it around her neck, and threw a fit when I wouldn't let her take it to bed with her. I think I'll cut the strap off and make it removable, so she can have her camera without the strangulation hazard!

Cwick! she says.

Each step in the tutorial is illustrated for you with a photo, and it's broken down in manageable bites for a beginner! This is a great naptime project, to surprise your littles with when they wake up.  Natalie loves hers - she picked out her own felt color, and helped stuff it with fiberfill. What kid doesn't like Mom's camera? Now they can have their own!

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