Saturday, January 4, 2014

Start the new year off running...

and flailing madly, hoping to catch myself up before I fail magnificently! ;) See? I'm optimistic!

Nah, it's not that bad. My sewing machine will be working overtime, though - I really owe her one. Maybe she'd like a cute quilted cover. (I'll get around to it, if I ever stop picking up other projects.)

I'm making not one, but two beautiful garments for a test, and picking fabrics for those has been - let's say, interesting. See, along with not buying any more patterns, I'm also not buying fabric. Working out of my stash *should* be easy, but as any sewist knows, it's much easier said than done. There's always that print or bold, beautiful solid that you just can't let get away...

I'm not even allowing myself to LOOK.

The other problem with my stash is that it's made up of a lot of smaller pieces. I don't have a lot of yardage - most of my impulse buys are remnants from Walmart (not everyone's favorite place to buy fabric, but it works for me) or Joann's.  Typically these remnants are between 1/2 and 3/4 of a yard, although sometimes I'll get lucky and find a yard or even a little more than. It doesn't leave me a lot of wiggle room, especially if I'm trying to make clothing without a scrappy look.

I think that's why doll clothes are so much easier for me. I can get away with a LOT less.

Luckily these garments allow me a lot of freedom in picking fabrics - I can even use several different ones, but then the trick is coordinating them! And when you're like me and just grab remnants based not on "Oh, that would look good with (specific fabric)" but "Oh, that would look good STUFFED IN MY FABRIC BINS". Well. You come up with some *different* combinations. That's all I'm saying.

Maybe I should take up crazy quilting.

Speaking of quilting! SewCanShe is hosting a New Year Sewalong, and this month's project is one (or multiple) log cabin blocks! Click the link, or the button on my sidebar to find out more. I've never sewn an actual quilt block before, but I love the look and many possible variations of the log cabin, and already my mind is spinning coming up with different projects to use my block(s) for. I'm thinking small and useful, so I don't come up short - no use overextending myself in the first week of January! The blog suffers when I do that, and I can't have that. Mustn't disappoint anyone. ;)

I'm so excited for these new projects! Can't wait to go dig through the Bins of Crazy to find some log cabin-worthy prints!

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