Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So much progress!

Productivity is the word of the day! Some days I feel like sewing, some days I don't...most days I don't touch my machine until my girls are in bed. But today they played right alongside me, and I sewed!

I graded (yes, I did that!!!) this free pattern from Climbing the Willow down to roughly a six month size - it runs from 18 mo to 5, but I wanted it for a baby gift! The Izzy Top:

I love everything about this pattern. It's free - can't beat that! With the right attention to pressing, it looks very professional - this is one of the best looking garments I've ever made, in my opinion. The wide armholes make it easy to dress squirmy babies and toddlers; the curved yoke is very feminine; the gathered skirt portion is sweet and girly, plus it's easy to lengthen from a shirt to a tunic or even a dress! I did the elastic option on the hem, but that can be a straight hem as well. There's a little button tab on the back that makes the wide neckline even easier to put on or remove. One button - easy! Now if only I had KAM snaps...

Natalie wasn't agreeable to modeling with her dolly, and I can't find her pants - but I made her basic PJ pants out of a super soft cuddle fleece in the same light pink as the doll's. And here's her hoodie - my favorite Comfy Hoodie by the Sewing Geek again!

I realized too late that I'd cut the front piece upside down, and didn't have enough fabric to fix it. Well, actually I do. I have another big cut of the Winnie-the-Pooh fleece, but it's big enough to back a blanket with so I don't want to cut into it! :) Natalie doesn't care, anyway - she was happy that it was "Pooh", and it's so soft and cozy! I also fussy-cut Pooh out of a scrap piece and appliqued him on the pocket, though I'm afraid he looks a big funny with the upside down image right above him. Oh well. She looks adorable wearing it, but I can't prove that! ;)

Finally, my works-in-progress: 
I'm using a shirt from (another) sister to make a fun little summery dress for Natalie. Odd choice given that the average temp right now is going to be around 2 degrees F for the next week+, but I can dream...

I cut the sleeves and some of the width off of the top, above the gathered middle - left the gathering intact, and the hood. The hood actually fits Natalie quite well, and it's adorable. I wish I could have used the original hem, but I had to cut about 5 inches off the bottom, and now it will fall just above the knees. 
Very little sewing to do here, for a sweet new dress! Can't wait to get it done. :) Plus, another upcycle! Yay! 
 This cute little guy is getting paired up with that colorful dot print to make a little baby lovey - he came off of a baby mobile. The flannel on the left and the cotton Mr Frog is sitting on will make an adorable bib! The recipient of these is already a few months old, I'm a little late on my baby gifts!
And more baby gifts in progress. Along with that sweet Izzy, I'm planning an adorable pair of skinny jeans and some precious Pleated Mary Janes, using a free baby shoe pattern and tutorial from Shwin&Shwin. There's some white felt there, and some pink in the other pile for another pair to go with some leggings made from that pink jersey knit in the back. From those two crazy cute florals I'm doing an Olive Dress, a cute little peasant top/dress that I'm making about knee length, also from Sewing Geek Patterns. There are two baby girls waiting for these as well! 

Whew! I'd better get moving! :)

psst...I'm finishing my log cabin blocks tonight too. No more sneak peeks, but I'm halfway there!

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