Friday, January 17, 2014

One down, 999,999 more to go...

Since I'm not testing anything at the moment, and the sewalong is moving at a slower pace, I'm not rushing to meet any deadlines right now. This should be a good thing, but being a procrastinator (not to mention my self-diagnosed ADD), I find that deadlines are one of the only things that can get me motivated enough to finish a project in a timely fashion. It's far too easy to get distracted...

Last night I finished (and actually pressed) my log cabin blocks for the sew along, and earlier this afternoon I trimmed them down - and found that they're a half inch short all around. This could have been avoided, I'm certain, had I been squaring and pressing as I went, but -

here's a semi-terrible confession. Semi- because it's really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but terrible indeed for someone who sews...I hate ironing. I hate pressing. And I avoid it any time I think I can *possibly* get away with it, even when I know that I really, really should. And yes, I won an enormous beast of a fancy iron - oh, I didn't mention that. Well, I won an enormous beast of a fancy iron - this one, actually, a Rowenta SteamForce DW9280. This. thing. is. HUGE. And kind of scary, with the amount of steam it puts out. I'm a little bit afraid of it, actually.

Anyway. I was extremely grateful to win it, because I needed one. Badly. (Thanks again, Rowenta and Create Kids Couture!) My super awesome Black&Decker (cheapest one Target had to offer) was throwing sparks. (probably protesting against my disdain for irons in general but actually I don't even know why it was whining, I liked that one) 

I still don't like ironing.

Also, I can't find my square ruler which is supposed to be helping me here, so that's an excuse. Right?

They did turn out kinda pretty though. As I was sewing each one together I was thinking that once they're finished they look SO much nicer than just being laid out - I kept falling in love with them. I kind of just want to keep them how they are right now and JUST LOOK AT THEM.

They are a bit wonky, and I'm claiming I meant to do that. Shh.

I had so much fun, today I also cut strips (more carefully) to do 12 more, same themes, slightly different fabrics. All you get is a sneak peek, you have to wait to see the finished product this time because I'm too lazy to lay them all out again.

I was a little more careful with my fabric selections this time, and I followed the traditional light/dark layout for most of them. They don't have such a crazy, scrappy look this time - not that that's a bad thing, either!

I also cut out the hoodie I've been promising Natalie for a few months (remember my test for Sewing Geek Patterns that I blogged about way back in 2013?) I love that pattern, and since Sam has one (and wears it allthetime) I thought Natalie'd better have one too, and some fleece pants to match, and then they're both getting a pair of flannel PJ pants too.

 I had the cute heart flannel in my stash and it was JUST enough to cut out two pairs of Taylor's Pajama Pants (free pattern by Create Kids Couture, just scroll down!) The print is perfect for Valentine's Day coming up, and that's all the special sewing I'll be doing for that one! ;)

The tiny ones are a doll pajama pattern (Mini Snug-as-a-Bug) by Ellie Inspired - to browse her patterns, just click the button on my sidebar! She recently bundled her dolly patterns with the matching girl patterns, and had a New Year's sale - all doll patterns were $1 before the redo, so I bought six really fast. :) Also, I cut out a Mini Jammin' Hoodie to go with Natalie's, so she can coordinate with Dolly!

The doll hoodie laid out so you can tell what the big pile of pieces on the right is supposed to be :)

Now I've got my work (literally) cut out for me sorry - to the machine I go!

btw in case I haven't mentioned this - I will tell you if ever someone asks me to advertise for them, but otherwise just assume they didn't, because they didn't. I wouldn't share links to something I didn't like or believe in, so I'm just sharing with everyone because I want you all to have as much fun as I do :)

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