Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meeting sewing goals: Upcycle #1, (mostly) successful!

Remember my sewing goals? One of them was to do more upcycling with materials I have on hand, rather than buying new fabric. Well, tonight I finally tried it out, and with knit fabric no less - a tee shirt of my sister's (she didn't like the fit). I thought that I could cut it down and make a little nightshirt for Natalie with it.

It's a little darker chocolate brown than shown here. The rhinestone detailing I left completely intact, and just cut the shape out of it that I wanted. Originally, I was going to put sleeves on the nightshirt, and use the original hem. Then I found a better use for the scrap fabric, and decided I needed to make some changes to the shirt...

So I scrapped the hem and sleeves completely. (Most) knit fabric is nice, tees in particular, in that it doesn't need to be hemmed, as it won't fray and shred like woven cloth will. I could have re-hemmed, but I'm lazy and since there was no need (and, I mean, it's a nightshirt), I left it alone. I curved the "hem" a little, and left the sides unsewn a couple of inches at the bottom. I left the sleeveless armholes unfinished as well, again because there was no need to finish them (and I might be lazy). The fabric curls a bit, so I think it has a nice "comfy" look to it.

And with the bigger scraps I got from using less fabric on the nightshirt? Natalie is currently obsessed with Curious George, so (don't judge, I didn't have a pattern - totally winging it tonight!) I made her a little stuffed monkey out of tee shirt and felt scraps and Polyfil!

I know it's a little funny looking - the body is too big for the rest of it, but I figure that just makes it extra huggable! And I know she'll love it, she's all about "muckys" right now. I almost - almost - can't wait for morning to show her. So lucky to have good sleepers - when would I get anything done otherwise??

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