Monday, January 20, 2014

KCW and Getting Skinny!

I posted about my sewing goals before, but along with those comes a personal goal - to get more involved in the sewing communities online. One of the ways I'm doing this is via Facebook, where I'm a member in several sewing and designer's groups. Another is by linking and connecting with other blogs and personal websites via my blog, such as using the "buttons" on my sidebar. Tonight I'm adding two - KCW (Kid's Clothes Week) and the first ever Getting Skinny! sewing swap.

You can read more about Kid's Clothes Week here on their blog, but basically it's a giant sewalong, and the basic premise is to spend one hour a day, for one week, sewing clothing for kids! I do a lot of that, anyway - but the specific week starting on January 27th will ensure that I get at least ONE project finished! I'm very good at starting things and not finishing them, although this blog has helped with that (if nothing else, I have to sew so I have something to post!) 

I've read about KCW but never participated, so this is a first for me. My user profile is here, and I'll be posting photos of my project(s) there! If you've been debating on joining in yourself, do it - we all can use that little bit of extra motivation that an organized event gives us, right?

The Getting Skinny! sewing swap is hosted by Amy from Amy Made That!. I discovered her blog just tonight! - following a recommendation from another person on a Facebook group I belong to. I read about the sewing swap, and it sounds like so much fun! How could I resist? I'll be making a skinny pincushion (free tutorial here) and sending it off to another participant somewhere in the U.S. - and someone else - could be in the States, could be international - will be sending me one! (I might be finding some other little presents to include as well - we'll see!) If you sew, go to the blog and email Amy to join in! Sign up is open until January 31st!

(and haha, I didn't mean actually getting skinny. Although that should probably be a goal too ;) )

Tomorrow I'll post a few things I've been working on (and hopefully finishing tonight!) Plus, the final stage of the SewCanShe log cabin sewalong is coming up on Wednesday - need to finish up my second set of blocks. :) Back to work!


  1. I'm so glad you're sewing along with us in the Skinny Pinny pincushion swap. You'll meet lots of skinny new friends there! ;)