Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm tired.

In the past week I've spent a few late, late nights working on my sewalong project (week 4: Make Something! started last Wednesday, and it's all wrapping up on the 29th). I've also gone to bed "early" (1:30 at the latest) a couple of times, after nearly falling asleep at the computer, and tonight's going to be one of those nights. But it's okay, because I'm DONE!

It's the log cabin tote bag! This thing is huge - about 16x20 inches flat, I didn't measure for sure. This bag covered a few firsts for me: first bag, ever. First selfish sew - believe it or not, I never ever ever sew for myself. I don't know why. First item (that I'm happy with) without using a pattern - I made up my own measurements and cut rectangles.

I upcycled again, too! (This is kind of fun, don't know why I never did before!) I used an XL women's jumper dress I found at a thrift store for all the denim, it's nice and soft and light - perfect for quilting with. I will have to get a picture of the inside, it's a pale green flannel with little pastel purses all over it. ;) Kinda cute!

Those log cabin blocks just steal the whole show, don't they? I added another border of white to my too-small blocks (the 4" ones, the first ones I made that were too small for the sewalong rules) so they'd match up with the 4.5" blocks, and then I alternated them on both sides of the bag.

The inside also has a few pockets - I wish I'd done more, but maybe I'll just make myself a removable purse organizer instead. Best of both worlds. :) I made a medium pocket, a big one, and three tiny ones - slots, really, just big enough for a pen or scissor blades to slip in.

Here's the front. I don't love my quilting job here, but I was working around pockets on the inside panel...
I do love that big orange button though! :) It would have been on the inside too but I had to show it off. ;)

And the back! I just carry it backward because I like this side of the quilting much better! The denim is all repurposed, and I used side seams from old jeans wrapped with coordinating Peaches'n'Cream yarn for the handles!
Two more days til KCW starts, and next week I'll be occupied with the Getting Skinny! pincushion swap, so for a couple of days anyway I have no deadlines or set projects, none at all.

I still have a lot to do, but tonight I think I'm going to do something weird, and go to sleep...the night owl has had enough.

Another first - I'm linked up here, too! Go check out all the other cool projects on this week's linky party!

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