Monday, January 6, 2014

crafting with toddler.

I'll admit it. I'm that mom.

The mom who doesn't like to do crafts with her kid. It's not that I don't like her, I hope you realize. ;) I just would rather "help" (read: doitallmyself) than have a mess. And with Natalie, there will be a mess. She's bright and busy, very busy, and she likes to doitallherself too.

Today I started out punching holes in some cardstock and tried to get her interested in threading embroidery floss through them with a yarn needle, but try as we might she couldn't quite grasp the concept. Future sewist is a bit young still, I think! She tried, though, I'll give her that. :) So we moved on to bigger and better things...

Buttons + glue = happy busy toddler

She needed a little help with the glue, but the buttons she picked out and stuck on allbyherself.
Good thing I have a jar full of cheap buttons. She was in her glory, exclaiming over every button she picked up - calling out colors, crying "Woooow!" "Pwetty!"
And after each button she glued down, she would compliment herself - "Goot JOB!" "I sho SHMART!" (I love her "esshes".)

Yes, Natalie. You ARE so smart. And funny. And busy, and wonderful. We had a happy birthday for Mom, didn't we? I will save all four of the button birthday cards you made me. Thank you!

I didn't even mind the sticky hands and buttons all over the floor. We just had fun. Maybe crafting-with-toddler isn't the worst thing, Miss Type A. I'm learning.

(Where was Sam, all this time? Napping, thankfully, so she didn't get a chance to eat any of the buttons dropped on the floor.)

Oh, and sorry for the terrible cell phone pics. One of the girls broke my camera, so until I can get another (or a loaner) this is how it has to be!

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