Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And the final project of 2013 was...

TA-DA! :) A wall hanging!

Okay, not that exciting. But it was a lot of fun to make!

Getting the girls' handprints was a little bit difficult, especially Sam's - she kept wanting to close her hand up, and I had to have Dave trace really fast while I held her hand down. :p Natalie was slightly easier, all I had to do was bribe her to hold still with a piece of candy. ;) Needless to say I'm holding onto those paper templates for a while (until their hands grow, anyway) just in case - I don't want to have to do that all over again if I should need them for some reason.

I backed the fabric hand cutouts with Heat'n'Bond, and applied them to my hand-embroidered fabric. The words up top don't look quite as wonky in person (the camera angle - NO I'M NOT JUST BLAMING THE CAMERA - the angle and the way the hanging lies made it a little curvy) but I did freehand them completely so they're not perfectly straight anyway. And they may not be 100% evenly sizes and spaced. Plus also that's supposed to be a heart between them, but I think it could have used a few more lines...? But I like it so there.

The back is red cotton, and I found a piece of felt for the batting - keeps it a little stiffer, so I think it'll hang nicely. Plus it's not too thick and puffy, I wanted it to look more like one piece of fabric than like a pillow.

I (briefly) considered hand quilting the cutouts down, and then I considered, also briefly, machine stitching them and the machine won, because a) I've never hand quilted anything, b) my hand stitching is abysmal, and c) I'm kind of lazy. I mean. Busy. *ahem* Right.

Oh, well. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do as far as attaching something to hang it with, and then I'll have to find a place for it.

Goodbye, 2013! Now onto the first sewing project of 2014, as soon as I stop dithering around (that's a fun word, right?) and settle on something. So many projects, so much time, such a small attention span!


  1. Cute and cute idea Meriel (I like dithering also:) ) Wonder if I have any fabrics on the highest shelf, hmmm

    1. Thanks Gramma! So easy to get distracted with alllll the other things I want to do, I'm just amazed I actually got anything done :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! (I think I left those other bits of fabric there that I was going to take with me :( )

  3. Very cute idea. It will be fun in a few years to have your little ones measure their hands against it again and see how much they have grown. :)

    1. Slow on checking comments, I'm sorry! That's true, I didn't even think of that but it's such a great record for them too - maybe I'll attach a label to the back with their ages on that date so we can compare. :)