Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

We are at my in-law's house for the night, ringing in the new year and celebrating my brother-in-law & fiancée's engagement tomorrow evening.

I meant to post before midnight, a sort of "year-end" post, but I didn't get the chance - so I'll do it now, and you can just pretend.

I've been thinking about the past year for me sewing-wise, and I realized that while I bought a LOT of patterns and fabric, I didn't do nearly as much creating with it as I should have. I feel that I could have been a lot more productive, and I have some sewing goals for the coming year (well, it's here, but you know.)

5 Sewing Goals for 2014
  • use those patterns I own, rather than just buying new ones spur-of-the-moment. I'm very much an impulse buyer when it comes to patterns and fabric (although I believe that's true of most sewists). It's a very expensive hobby that way, though, and I need to make it worth the money I'm putting in.    
  • on that note - do more upcycling. I've been a bit snobbish about/fearful of upcycling, feeling on one hand that it wasn't "true" sewing because I'm not completely creating something new, and then of course most of the fabric I have on hand to upcycle is knit. And until a few weeks ago I was very afraid of knits. Now that I've become more comfortable, I'm looking forward to refashioning a lot of the old clothes I have lying around into new and fresh outfits for my girls. Plus it makes a lot of sense, financially. Knits can be quite expensive!
  • create stock for ready-to-sell doll clothing, and sell it! This is still very much a new goal for me, and I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that I could make money off of my hobby. I don't even mean to make it into a "business" right now, but it would be nice if I could at least make a little to feed the addiction! ;)
  • create (well, learn to create!) patterns! I alluded to (some time back) a little something I was working on, and it got laid aside for other projects as Christmas crept up. I'm still not anywhere near finished with it, but when I am it will definitely show up here. :) Patterns are intimidating to me, as well as the software to make them look nice (even if they are hand drawn, I need them to look as polished as possible) - but I'm learning, and it is a definite goal for me in 2014. I want to get this off the ground!
  • finally, I'd like to push myself to create something new every week. Even if it's something tiny. Even if it's a quick upcycle. Even if it's just an idea, a sketch of something. At least I'll have a consistent flow of work coming out, which is what I need. I am a terrible procrastinator, and I'm easily distracted (hello, ADD), and I'm determined to conquer that, or at least struggle past it.
One more goal, and this isn't sewing so much but crafting - I want to learn to knit and crochet again. I have done both at different times in my life, and I do enjoy them. Plus, there are so many applications for it along with my sewing, and I really just want to round out my talent. (If I can call it that.) ;)
Later (late on the first, or early on the 2nd) when I have my own computer back and can post a picture, I'll show you what my last sewing project of 2013 was! I'll give you a "word-peek" - it involves a little quilting/applique, some Heat'n'Bond Lite, and some hand embroidery. And it's a decoration.
It's not perfectly done, but I'm rather proud of it!
Finally, I hope that 2013 was a good year for everyone, and I hope that 2014 will be even better. I know that there were hard times, sad times, but there were good times too - and those are what I hope continue in the days to come.

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